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Mobile Workforce Management

Why is Workplace Mobility Key?

The definition of the mobile workforce is evolving faster than perhaps any other aspect of business. Mobility and decentralization have emerged as key ways businesses are maintaining agility, and more and more work is done by professionals who are either unbound to the physical office or require the flexibility to access work systems on the go.

In addition to this new mobile workforce, the traditional logistics professionals, service technicians, and remote field assets who power the supply chain and support public utilities also face higher expectations than ever before. Given the pressure for businesses and municipalities to provide satisfying, efficient, cost-effective customer service, those workers can’t just be thrown out into the field unsupported.

Using emerging technology, however, organizations can provide both groups of professionals with a true mobile workplace that powers work from the top of the management structure to the individual driver level.

Why Workplace Mobile Apps?

In the past, mobile workers had two basic access points: either a laptop they were using to log into a company system from afar or a bespoke data logger/logistical tool that was designed to do very specific, ground-level work. As we near the 2020s, both these approaches are obsolete, and no business should settle for supporting their professionals in this way.

Using a mobile app, employers can create a fully functional on-the-go work station for their mobile workforce that provides them with all the data access, authorship and editing, signature capturing tools, and beyond that they need to connect with clients and achieve goals in a high-quality way.

Mobile apps provide on-the-go professionals with the access they need to route information, warehouse data, knowledge bases, invoicing tools, and even communication with the office through a single interface. This represents a massive time savings over requiring employees to use a combination of internet browsing, remote ERP access, and tool-switching to get the access, information, and functionality they need to make deliveries, close out tickets, and provide progress updates.

Using mobile apps for the workplace, service professionals, delivery drivers, and other mobile assets can access the tools and systems they need to complete their work from an easy-to-use tablet or smart device. This significantly reduces the need to buy expensive bespoke hardware, as mobile professionals can work more efficiently and in a way that feels more personalized from a device they’re accustomed to and rely on as a total workstation.

By centralizing all digital aspects of a decentralized job, workplace mobile apps make it easier for mobile workers to do a great job in an efficient way that builds a culture of consistency and high satisfaction.

Mobile Workplace Apps from Sofbang

Sofbang is among the leading mobile workforce management software companies, building bespoke management, planning, and logistical solutions for municipalities and enterprise businesses. Sofbang mobile workforce solutions provide both mobile professionals and their office-bound supervisors with tools that simplify work and support data-driven initiatives to determine best practices and build workflows around them.

Each Sofbang mobile workplace is designed specifically for the daily routines and planning/assessment schedules of the individual customer. That means workers and managers get exactly the tools, apps, access, and functionality they need in the most accessible, direct, easy-to-use form.

If you’re looking to build an efficient, responsive, high-accountability mobile workforce management app, contact Sofbang today and ask about workplace mobility.