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8.1 to 9.2 WebLogic Migration


City of Chicago had Sofbang develop their City Sticker web based application utilizing WebLogic 8.1 technology. There were a number of applications in the sales application suite and they all needed to be migrated to the WebLogic 9.2 technology. One application was in the WebLogic integration (WLI) technology while the rest were in the WebLogic Server (WLS) technology.

Client Needs

The client needed the applications migrated to the 9.2 WebLogic Server technology. The migrations could occur separately. Same functionality needed to be maintained.

There was a limited budget for the applications to all be migrated so cost needed to be contained.

The migrations needed to take place while the existing applications were still operational in production.

Application interface needed to work with both versions of the applications since all were not migrating at the same time.

Sofbang used its Application Planning and Migration (APM) offering, as a service that aimed to keep the migration simple, yet uncover all the complexities of the application migration and yield a lucid, extensible, flexible migration strategy. Sofbang’s migration framework provided the needed structure to efficiently migrate the applications between existing and target environments.

Sofbang’s APM Methods consists of existing tools, templates, frameworks and best practices that accelerate the process of migrating applications from one platform to another.

Sofbang successfully executed the transformation and reengineering process with all the applications migrated to the new technology and functioning properly. As a result of the migration, cost savings were achieved by eliminating the need for the WebLogic WLI license. The WebLogic 8.1 applications were retired and those license no longer being required. The server support requirements were simplified.