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Looking to extend, connect, and automate your IT portfolio in ways that are guaranteed to deliver ROI?

If you’re in the energy or utility delivery business, Sofbang can reduce your service costs while strengthening CSAT in less than 90 days!
Sofbang specializes in helping utility providers leverage AI to…
  • Deflect up to 25% of incoming customer service calls
  • Serve those customers twice as fast at half the price per person
  • Improve CSAT rankings 15% in 90 days & 30% in a year

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“Our AI customer service agent has been a major win for our customers as well as our support team. Getting the information you need has never been faster for customers, we’re proud to say we now have a point of instantaneous service, and we’ve actually lowed costs overall"
Fortune 100 Utility Chief Transformation Officer

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