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Remove the Barrier Between Development and Operational Teams.

Bridging the gap between on-premises systems and the cloud in your technology strategy.

IaaS, DB, DevOps & Hybrid Cloud

Agile methodology, digital transformation, the cloud all of these can bring about business changes, and put pressure on enterprise IT directors, managers, and development teams to deliver and update applications and services more quickly. To achieve this, many IT teams are transitioning to a new DevOps model for operations, but implementing DevOps often means questioning how to scale and manage it. Sofbang can help remove the barrier between development and operational teams, reducing application backlogs and accelerating delivery.

Solution Features


We provide an agile and sensible DevOps approach that is focused on prioritizing your business needs. Our team’s proven expertise with modern DevOps tools and IaaS accelerators will provide you with a strategy that is scalable and manageable, saving you time and money.


IaaS can provide cost-effective productivity and enhancing business advantages, but it doesn’t always meet the needs of all businesses migrating to or considering the cloud by not always effectively working with enterprise applications that weren’t written for the cloud. Sofbang helps our customers bring the two together by equipping them with the enterprise oriented tools and services they need such as scalable databases, management services, and developer tools, to bring their applications to the cloud.


Whether you are moving to another platform, attempting consolidation, technology refresh or simple upgrade, Sofbang’s database consulting is an end-to-end service built on industry expertise, best practices and automation to migrate any number of databases. Our services deliver reduced costs and risks with minimal business impact and greater agility and scalability.

Hybrid Cloud

With cloud technology and applications constantly evolving, it’s important that your approach maximizes the benefits of your cloud solution. Let Sofbang provide you a clear roadmap of the right Cloud solution for you – showing you the business benefits and tangible ROI.


  • Save money with infrastructure, automation and migrating loads to IaaS
  • Agile and sensible DevOps adoption.
  • Respond to changes quicker and in a more agile fashion.
  • Limitless scalability and agility accelerates time to market.

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Sofbang’s Licensing and Permitting Solution Accelerator

Introducing Sofbang’s licensing and permitting solution accelerator, an easy way for state and local municipalities to streamline their entire licensing and permitting application process for both staff and constituents. Leveraging the power of the Oracle Cloud Platform, Sofbang’s licensing and permitting solution accelerator allows budget-minded municipalities to do more with less cost all while improving constituent satisfaction.

Sofbang’s licensing and permitting solution accelerator, integrate seamlessly into your current ERP and CRM to provide a solution that is transparent and easy to use, giving municipal employees full control over the entire licensing and permitting process in one central location. Staff have the ability to track and manage permit applications, add new license types, configure permit details, and even set rates and renewal dates with one easy-to-use application.

With a straightforward web and mobile interface, citizens can renew or purchase new licenses, track orders, and get answers to frequently asked questions anytime, anywhere, freeing up staff, improving efficiency and reducing errors, saving you time and money. Available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, see how Sofbang’s licensing and permitting solution accelerator empowers your staff and constituents. Contact Sofbang to get started today.