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Our Core Focus

Sofbang offers comprehensive Enterprise Mobility Solutions developed using top-notch technology stack that simplifies the user experience; by unifying processes and incorporating robust integration across multiple back-end applications, all while incorporating a secure BYOD strategy. []

Our Mobile Strategy is about simplifying enterprise mobility by providing a complete mobile solution and the choice of connecting to any back-end application with the flexibility to use any hybrid or native application framework. We leverage scalable Oracle Mobile Cloud platforms to develop intelligent bots that automate the conversation process and easily integrates with existing enterprise and other modern applications.[]

Sofbang uses SaaS extension to provide customers with dynamic business process extensions, enterprise mobility, and cloud solutions; which extend, integrate and simplify enterprise business applications across the organization. []

Employing best practices, Sofbang uses Oracle JCS- SaaS Extension to extend Oracle ERP Cloud or create Oracle Service Cloud extensions. We deploy ADF based custom portal and utilize Business Intelligence Cloud Service to gather analytics from separate applications to generate reports. We provide flexible integration layers using Integration Cloud Service to interface with other applications using REST and SOAP APIs. We offer the ability to develop custom mobile applications and utilize artificial intelligence to extend features like Chatbots. []

Sofbang uses Service Oriented Architecture as our primary integration approach, delivering fast, flexible, and reliable access to data, applications, and information regardless of the platform, device or data format. []

SOA is a business-centric IT architectural approach that supports integrating your business as linked, repeatable business tasks or services.

Our solutions help improve visibility with enhanced control of critical information, services, processes, and events. Employees, customers, partners, and suppliers stay connected by having data, applications, and systems integrated and easily accessible throughout your network. []

Sofbang provides an agile and sensible DevOps approach that is focused on prioritizing your business needs. Our team’s proven expertise with modern DevOps tools and IaaS accelerators will provide you with a strategy that is scalable and manageable, saving you time and money. []

With our DevOps strategy, we automate all aspects of continuously integrating and delivering business ideas. Using an agile approach and DevOps in tandem, Sofbang can address the gaps between customer requirements and the development team as well as eradicate gaps between development and operations teams. Our focus is to provide effective and efficient Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline. With the help of tools, we provide automated workflows that encapsulate DevOps principles and help manage infrastructure and code. []

BlockLock is a fully developed solution that empowers suppliers, clients, and business partners to create, negotiate and sign contracts, make and fulfill orders, track shipments, complete transactions and trace components through the supply chain using a single software interface. []

The real power of BlockLock is that it takes cutting-edge blockchain technology and makes it accessible for everyday professionals. Using a straightforward graphical user interface (GUI), BlockLock makes blockchain transactions as simple as shopping on an app. []

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Sofbang’s Licensing and Permitting Solution Accelerator

Introducing Sofbang’s licensing and permitting solution accelerator, an easy way for state and local municipalities to streamline their entire licensing and permitting application process for both staff and constituents. Leveraging the power of the Oracle Cloud Platform, Sofbang’s licensing and permitting solution accelerator allows budget-minded municipalities to do more with less cost all while improving constituent satisfaction.

Sofbang’s licensing and permitting solution accelerator, integrate seamlessly into your current ERP and CRM to provide a solution that is transparent and easy to use, giving municipal employees full control over the entire licensing and permitting process in one central location. Staff have the ability to track and manage permit applications, add new license types, configure permit details, and even set rates and renewal dates with one easy-to-use application.

With a straightforward web and mobile interface, citizens can renew or purchase new licenses, track orders, and get answers to frequently asked questions anytime, anywhere, freeing up staff, improving efficiency and reducing errors, saving you time and money. Available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, see how Sofbang’s licensing and permitting solution accelerator empowers your staff and constituents. Contact Sofbang to get started today.