Virtual Assistant

Virtual Personal Assistant

Over the last few decades, businesses have increasingly asked C-level executives and team leaders to juggle more management responsibilities than ever before while also reducing support. Compared to twenty years ago, the number of human assistants within the office has plummeted, and even at the enterprise level, executives are forced to be more hands-on than in any previous era.

While streamlining for profitability has reduced the number of traditional human assets to assist with scheduling, data look-up, and small task delegation, emerging artificial intelligence technology has stepped in to pick up the slack. We now live in the era of virtual personal assistant services.

Why Use a Virtual Personal Assistant?

AI-based personal assistants are ideal for providing support in the traditional ways that human assistants have helped executives, while also rapidly accelerating the pace of work.

Just like the old-school executive secretary, a virtual assistant can manage appointments, send reminders to attendees, and send out preparatory materials ahead of a meeting. Unlike that human assistant, however, the virtual personal assistant can also provide real-time metrics to meeting organizers about the response rate and readiness of attendees and suggest a time to reschedule that takes everybody’s upcoming commitments into account.

Virtual assistant services are so powerful because the assistant is located directly within the company’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. That means that, unlike a traditional human assistant, the virtual assistant is almost literally plugged into every aspect of work going on within an organization. It can fetch progress updates from a project management system, double-check a legal agreement stored in a contract management solution, or connect directly to IT to create a service ticket at the speed of light.

In this way, virtual personal assistants offer both robust executive support and opportunities for business acceleration. By providing executives with a single, text-based access point for data grabbing, resource planning, and asset management, businesses can significantly reduce the navigational and logistical challenges of running and organizing a growing enterprise.

Virtual Assistant Solution

Sofbang Virtual Assistant Services

Sofbang is proud to be a leader in virtual assistant development through Chatbot innovation and two decades of experience building enterprise business solutions. We specialize in creating bespoke virtual assistants that provide scheduling services, reminders, data look-up, and more at the lightning-fast speed of artificial intelligence.

With the rapid expansion of Chatbot technology over the last few years, virtual assistant companies seem to have popped up everywhere, but none of them can match Sofbang’s ability to provide a fully-integrated virtual assistant experience that streamlines every aspect of daily work.

Using a Sofbang virtual assistant, executives and supervisors can navigate company ERPs like never before to mine takeaways, communicate with assets, assess progress, and schedule follow-up, all through a single text-based chat simulation, minimizing clicks and windows.

Anybody can attach a bot to your calendar and call it a virtual assistant, but only Sofbang bridges functionality across a variety of applications to expand what’s possible and accelerate business. That’s why we truly believe that Sofbang offers the best virtual assistant services on the marketplace. Contact us today to learn more!