Virtual Assistant

Virtual Personal Assistant

What is a virtual assistant?

In short, a virtual assistant is an artificial intelligence (AI) interface that builds bridges between different software applications, databases, and planning tools to provide a simplified, well-supported scheduling and data-lookup experience for human users. That speaker in your kitchen that can look up the weather and make you a dinner reservation – that’s a virtual assistant. The automatic text message reminder of your upcoming meeting – that’s a virtual assistant. The friendly face popping up in the corner of a website to ask if you need help – that’s a virtual assistant. The daily alarm you’ve set on your phone to remind you to take your pills – heck, that’s a primitive form of virtual assistant that you’ve programmed yourself!

What does a virtual assistant do?

Virtual assistant solutions simulate the experience of a text- or speech-based conversation to connect users with the information they need or to carry out simple, repeatable work processes quickly, while reducing the need for traditional multi-click navigation.

Virtual assistants are time-saving, game-changing tools that empower human assets to work in a more focused, efficient, well-supported manner than ever before. In the enterprise business world, this technology provides opportunities to streamline work processes, as it significantly minimizes navigational time while maximizing the speed with which workers can “cut to the chase” and get the information and access they need to carry out their work.

If you’re still asking yourself “What is a virtual assistant, anyway?” here are some examples of ways the technology can help human workers streamline and automate a variety of important work processes:

  • Scheduling and reminders for meetings
  • Self-service HR & IT requests
  • Data fetching and lookup
  • To-do list creation and management
  • IT support ticket creation
  • Accessing ERPs or work databases from mobile access points
In essence, these virtual assistant tools unify the disparate tasks and software applications each professional is responsible for managing to create a single, unified source of truth and access for the worker. That means virtual assistants remove obstacles, reduce headaches, and create a culture of empowered access to work.

What is the best virtual assistant app?

The best virtual assistant app is the one that’s built specifically for the work you and your assets are doing. While that may sound like a broad statement at first, the core of virtual assistant functionality lies in the AI’s ability to build, maintain, and improve upon bridges between an incredible variety of SaaS apps, enterprise resource planning tools, and work-specific processes. That means that the highest-ROI virtual assistant solutions are bespoke and custom-built.

Bespoke virtual assistants from Sofbang

Sofbang is a leading provider of chatbot-based virtual assistant solutions. We specialize in building bespoke virtual assistants that provide all the functional support of a traditional human assistant alongside the incredible speed and power of artificial intelligence.

Each solution we design is based on hours of consulting and working directly with key assets within each customer organization in order to understand specific needs and recognize opportunities for AI optimization.

We pride ourselves on creating levels of integration and virtual assistant-driven functionality that far surpass the competition. If you’re interested in supporting assets throughout your organization with industry-best virtual assistants, contact Sofbang today!