Mobile Workforce Management Solutions

The Face of Modern Field Service Automation

What is the “Mobile Workforce?"

Even as more and more professionals transition toward desk-bound jobs where work takes place in the digital space, the mobile workforce is more important than ever when it comes to supporting everybody else and ensuring the responsive, service- and product-on-demand world we’ve grown accustomed to continues to run smoothly.

The mobile workforce includes professionals like truck and delivery drivers, public utility employees, mobile technicians, service professionals, roving inspectors, and beyond who spend the majority of their day working out of their vehicle rather than staying in a set location. Without these professionals, the supply chain and much of the consumer services industry simply do not work.

Mobile workforce management presents unique challenges. The most obvious is of course the physical distance between management and individual workers, leading to situations in which communication can become strained or there’s a lack of shared understanding about goals and key performance indicators.

Additionally, mobile workers need a constant, reliable, powerful lifeline to their digital routing and ticket management systems in order to receive work assignments and updates, access the information they need to get work done, and upload confirmations and documentation on the go, miles and miles away from company servers.

The Present and Future of Managing Mobile Workers

Mobile Workforce Management is a shared pinch point for both municipalities and some of the biggest multinational businesses in the world, but one trend in technology promises to revolutionize remote management of a mobile workforce for organizations of all shapes and sizes: mobility.

As strong high-speed internet and cellular data networks grow more and more ubiquitous across the country, it grows easier and easier each day to support the mobile workforce. Using simple, commonplace tech tools like smartphones and tablets, we can now keep mobile workers as plugged-into company systems and workflow management tools as they would be if they worked at a desk in the office. In this way, mobile technology is poised to present the worlds of logistics and the mobile workforce with their biggest technological breakthrough since the creation of GPS.

Mobile Workforce Management Solutions from Sofbang

Sofbang ranks among the leading Mobile Workforce Management software companies, providing bespoke solutions that support drivers, technicians, managers, businesses, and municipalities looking to get work done. We specialize in studying customer needs and applying our two decades of IT know-how to build Mobile Workforce Management solutions that fit the specific needs, challenges, visions, and goals of each individual client.

Each Sofbang solution for the mobile workforce contains a hand-picked toolkit of SaaS applications and on-the-go functionality that provides mobile professionals with the data look-up, editing, and uploading capabilities that they need to get their jobs done more quickly, easily, and with a higher degree of customer satisfaction than ever before. What really makes Sofbang stand head-and-shoulders above the rest is our dedication to ERP integration, providing your mobile and management assets with real-time updates and ensuring everybody’s looking at the same picture, seeing the same performance indicators, and working toward the same goals.

If you’ve got a workforce of mobile professionals who you’re looking to provide with support, accountability, and independence all at the same time, contact Sofbang today!

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