Mobile Workforce Management Solutions at Work

How Technology is Revolutionizing On-the-Go Jobs

What are Mobile Workforce Management Solutions?

Mobile workforce management solutions are apps, portals, and interfaces that connect mobile professionals to the backend of their organization’s ERP and provide a toolkit to simplify, clarify, and power work. These solutions can be accessed via laptop, smartphone, tablet, or just about any mobile smart device.

Basically, with a mobile workforce management app, a delivery driver or repair worker has just as much access to their assignments, routing, and long-and-short-term goals as they would from a desktop computer located in the office.

How Mobile Workforce Management Solutions are Changing the World

Before mobile workforce management solutions, the mobile workforce did a lot of fending for themselves. There was often minimal communication between the office and remote assets, which meant it was tough to adjust on the fly and last-minute changes or updates could easily fall through the cracks.

Using modern mobile workforce apps and management interfaces, organizations can reimagine the mobile workforce as fully integrated and fully plugged into static office operations. Here are a few areas in which the latest wave of mobile workforce management solutions have allowed for significant innovation:


As we’ve said, mobile workers used to be largely “out of sight, out of mind,” with only absolutely critical communications being made throughout the day. Now, however, mobile workforce management solutions have made it possible for mobile workers and their office-bound supervisors to maintain an ongoing conversation about assignments, progress, and needs in real time.

In the event of an unforeseen service interruption (a breakdown, flat tire, unexpected hang-up on a particular task), the mobile worker can instantly communicate the issue to home base, allowing supervisors and dispatchers to adjust and minimize the impact of the problem. On the other hand, if a job is cancelled midday, the office can communicate that message instantaneously to the mobile worker, preventing an awkward or confusing situation when they show up for a job that doesn’t exist anymore.

Tracking/Routing Information

About 25-30 years ago, GPS revolutionized the mobile workforce by allowing for real-time tracking of drivers and shipments. Now, mobile workforce management solutions are helping businesses take the next logical step forward, creating a proactive and efficiency-minded routing and tracking system that actually helps drivers maximize their time and energy.

Using a mobile workforce management solution, a delivery driver or service professional can input their assignments for the day and, with one click, create a smart route that considers mileage, expected duration of the work at each place, and priority as identified by supervisors. This technology eliminates the variables in routing that create inefficiency and also allows supervisors to track driver progress throughout the day at a glance and evaluate their drivers on their ability to manage both their time and responsibilities.

Data Input/Capture

Mobile workers don’t just drop packages off at a door or repair someone’s oven without any documentation. There’s a great deal of invoice creation, signature capturing, and general paperwork involved in many mobile work processes. Unfortunately, filing paper documentation at the end of the day is a real pain for workers, especially if they’re not the best at staying organized throughout their shift.

Mobile workforce management solutions eliminate that problem by empowering on-the-go workers to capture and input data in the field and upload it directly to the company ERP through the app. That means no more hanging onto paperwork, no more outdated signature capture tools with screens that are impossible to read, and absolutely no downtime or delay between work being done and work being documented.

Mobile Workforce Management Solutions from Sofbang

Sofbang specializes in creating bespoke mobile workforce management solutions at work that enable mobile professionals and their supervisors to do more, communicate better, and build a data-driven workflow focused on best practices. If you have a fleet of delivery/logistics drivers, a team of mobile service professionals, or a group of on-the-go inspectors, contact Sofbang today to learn how you can make their work easier and more efficient.

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