Secure, seamless integration of on-premises and cloud applications.

Why is integration valuable?

Running a business, managing a municipality, or building a network of facilities throughout a region requires thousands — if not millions — of data points, individual tasks, and places where human users and technology systems must work together effectively each day.

Given the complexity of doing any of those jobs well (especially with the documentation requirements of many industries), enterprise resource management systems (ERPs) and IT solutions must maximize data access and ease of task completion while providing a user experience that makes human assets feel like technology is working for them, not slowing them down.

Cloud Integration is the answer. Integration allows users to input data one place and have that data recognized and transferred across all the various apps and databases they use each day without the need for repeat entry. That significantly cuts down on the time it takes to complete data look-up or entry tasks and streamlines nearly every conceivable task in the office, from looking up a customer phone number to sending out a meeting reminder.

Cloud Integration Solution

Why the cloud?

The cloud is a powerful, flexible space with tremendous possibilities. Using a cloud platform, solution providers can build a bespoke space for each business with customized architecture, Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings that meet business needs, and middleware solutions that build that integrated experience to power and accelerate work.

These cloud integration platforms are like private islands for each individual client: they’re built specifically for their work, using a combination of tools they love and new technology that can further simplify user experience and ease of task completion.

The cloud is also the most cost-effective place to build highly-integrated solutions to date. In the past, only the biggest companies and technology leaders could build bespoke siloed IT solutions that provided powerful, responsive experiences for their assets. Now, with advancements in technology, that Fortune 500 ERP experience is available to all enterprise clients.

What’s possible with cloud integration?

The short answer is a lot!

In an integrated environment, project and departmental managers can view their budgets, KPIs, relevant contractual obligations, and manage assets through a single system. What used to require 10 different windows of five different applications is just one integrated experience now.

In an integrated environment, all the numbers across all your spreadsheets and documentation systems match. Inconsistent documentation between marketing, sales, and accounting is a thing of the past.

In an integrated environment, the second a potential lead interacts with one of your social media accounts or chatbots, their contact information is documented and visible across your customer relationship management system (CRM). No more leads are lost at the top of the funnel due to lack of visibility or awareness.

Cloud Integration Solutions from Sofbang

Sofbang is respected industry-wide as one of the leading solution providers in the fields of cloud integration and cloud enablement. We leverage the Oracle Integration Cloud Service to create bespoke, business-accelerating solutions that empower businesses to take advantage of the flexibility and open-endedness of the cloud.

Sofbang solutions provide industry-best levels of integration, as our true passion is creating middleware solutions for each customer that connect applications, data, and functionality in ways that revolutionize both big-picture planning and the day-to-day tasks that make business go.

If you’re looking to build something truly special up in the clouds, contact Sofbang today.