Cloud First

More effective IT Management and Integration = Greater Returns on Investment.

What is Cloud Enablement?

In short, cloud enablement is the process of moving a business or organization’s internal proprietary computer systems and data storage to the cloud.

Enablement answers a number of business and IT challenges by building a modern, highly-accessible user experience that literally makes work easier for professionals at every level while reducing on-site staffing needs and the need to lease physical storage space.

IT solution providers who specialize in enablement carve out dedicated, secure spaces for their clients on a given cloud platform. Once that foundation is in place, a variety of a la carte Software as a Service (SaaS) applications can be built into that custom platform, along with bespoke middleware bridges that create a responsive, user-friendly experience that specifically responds to identified customer needs.

This approach is also frequently referred to as Platform as a Service (PaaS) because solution providers aren’t just connecting customers with software solutions; they’re creating an entire framework for support and accountability that keeps organizations strong.

Cloud Enablement Solution

What are Enabled Businesses Able to Do?

With cloud enabling technologies in place, enterprise organizations are free from the day-to-day management of siloed ERPs. That takes a huge strain off of IT department budgets and allows IT to focus on support and problem-solving rather than constantly playing catch-up and working on system updates.

On the other hand, for businesses who were previously relying on contracted SaaS applications to meet their IT and business software needs without a unifying Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, cloud enablement means keeping all the functionality they’ve grown to love while gaining the fully-integrated experience that was previously only available to big-budget organizations.

Businesses that embrace enablement gain greater agility, flexibility, and freedom, as cloud enabled solutions create a responsive environment where navigating from tool to tool is instantaneous and data integration between applications cuts down on productivity-harming look-up times and window/tab management.

These improvements to experience are also evident in the bottom line, as workers can use their time much more efficiently using a cloud-enabled system, compared to a collection of disparate SaaS apps or a dated in-house solution that’s only designed to do one thing at a time. Furthermore, cloud-hosted systems require fewer in-house assets for management, allowing cloud-enabled businesses to streamline their teams for profitability.

Sofbang Cloud Enablement Services

Sofbang is a multiple-award-winning industry leader in the field of enterprise cloud computing, including enablement. We offer extensive cloud consulting services to help enterprise businesses, municipalities, and beyond fully understand the day-to-day functionality and ROI-driving power of migrating enterprise resource planning, mobile workforce management, contract management, data management, and beyond to a fully secure cloud platform.

We create bespoke cloud platforms that are specifically designed to meet each individual customer’s goals and needs, providing the very best SaaS business applications, data storage, and security while reducing existing pinch-points through custom-built middleware functionality. Sofbang isn’t just a cloud enablement company, though; we’re a full-service enterprise IT provider with two decades of experience crafting solutions that improve both employee and customer experience to accelerate business and increase profitability.

If you’re still managing a siloed or in-house ERP system that’s showing its age or piecemeal contracting SaaS apps without a unified, integrated solution, call Sofbang today to talk cloud enabling technologies and PaaS!