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What is the Biggest Chatbot Platform?

Chatbot messaging platforms have exploded in use over the last two years. Machine learning has significantly improved chatbot technology, which means that bots can provide a clear, responsive experience that feels like help from a real person — only faster. It’s no longer a herky-jerky guesswork game or a hallway of frustration where it felt like you could only be pushed one direction

Chatbots are currently deployed across a wide variety of platforms, including business websites, mobile smartphone apps, and messaging services like Facebook, Skype, and Telegram. These chatbots provide an incredible range of services, from website navigation help to makeup tips to food delivery scheduling.

Social Media Chatbots

Social media has consistently been one of the primary areas of chatbot deployment for enterprise business clients. These social media chatbots drive customer engagement and help transition leads into marketing and sales funnels in a way that feels natural and predictive, not robotic and pushy.

Social media chatbots also provide perfect opportunities to meet potentially dissatisfied or frustrated customers before their bad experience turns into a viral thread. By providing social media users with an interface that’s designed to connect them with the information they need and pre-sort their issue in a way that ensures they get to the right person or service as soon as possible, chatbots meet customers in their time of greatest need to help protect and strengthen company reputations.

Chatbot Platform Solution

Smart Speaker Chatbots

Although smart speaker hardware may be finding its saturation point in the market, smart speaker technology still offers tremendous potential as a chatbot platform. Private businesses, utility companies, contractor dispatching services, and beyond can easily turn speaker owners’ existing in-home devices into points of sale and service using voice-based smart speaker chatbots.

Smart speaker users are already accustomed to using the chatbot experience in their daily lives for information fetching and virtual personal assistant services. Businesses that meet them on that platform with chatbot solutions specifically designed to help users navigate and connect with services in a direct, straightforward, conversational manner are more likely to build customer engagement and garner buzz around tech-minded consumers.

Sofbang Chatbot Solutions

Sofbang is a leading developer in the field of chatbot AI who specializes in bespoke chatbot solutions that help businesses provide buzzworthy service, build customer satisfaction, and protect their human assets for jobs that only a person can do.

We build chatbots for deployment across every conceivable platform and provide each client with extensive consultation to ensure we understand their unique goals and needs while extending the customer’s knowledge base in terms of which platforms will provide the best ROI. We create a chatbot platform comparison that illustrates the unique quirks and abilities of each platform and helps customers determine how they want to roll-out their new chatbot initiatives.

In addition to lead-, prospect-, and customer-facing chatbots, Sofbang specializes in creating chatbot assistants that workers can use to significantly improve their productivity by streamlining scheduling, data fetching, and ERP navigational processes to get work done in a way that feels supported by technology, not hampered by it. If you’re looking to join the chatbot AI revolution, contact Sofbang today!