Systems Integration from Sofbang

Create an Agile, Modern Work Experience

At Sofbang, we pride ourselves on recognizing emerging IT trends and using our two decades of experience to craft solutions that accelerate business and help maximize the power of asset-intensive organizations.


Enterprise mobility has been one of the hottest topics of the last decade. As the workforce continues to decentralize and the majority of work is conducted on digital platforms, businesses of all sizes and shapes must create a flexible, accessible framework that allows workers and customers to access the data and functionality they need from any access point at any time.

Sofbang’s Mobile strategy maximizes access for workers and customers by creating bespoke mobile portals that provide full ERP or website functionality in a highly-visual, easy-to-digest manner.

  • Total integration between backend data/functionality and the mobile interface
  • Detailed human capital and project management data views for managers
  • Chatbot support to bridge gaps in navigation
  • Field service automation and mobile workforce management solutions

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The stakes are higher than ever in the software development and delivery game, and as more and more organizations look to increase the quality, profitability, and support capacity of their applications, the use of DevOps has expanded. When development and operations come together to function as one team, the results are better software, better testing, and better user experience.

Sofbang’s DevOps Implementation Accelerator empowers businesses to harness the power of DevOps in a richly supported environment that creates buy-in, fosters collaboration, and builds long-term success. Our DevOps accelerator includes…

  • DevOps maturity assessment and consultation
  • Bespoke DevOps toolkit creation
  • Extensive training and modeling of the DevOps mindset and procedure throughout the rollout and adoption period

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Oracle Integration

Back in the ‘90s and ‘00s, businesses either had to create and maintain a siloed, bespoke ERP or try to cobble together a collection of individual software licenses to get their employees the tools, data storage, and functionality they needed to get things done. Now, with cloud computing, there’s a powerful, affordable middle ground businesses can leverage using the Oracle Cloud.

Sofbang’s PaaS4SaaS Integration Accelerator allows businesses to create and extend bespoke ERP solutions using an incredible variety of Oracle cloud applications. Core functionality is available within a matter of days, including…

  • Autonomous data warehousing to protect data security and integrity without limiting accessibility
  • Blockchain and IoT integration to enable businesses to leverage emerging technologies
  • Virtual assistant chatbots to simplify navigation and data access while lowering the learning curve

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