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In a world where employees are overwhelmed with technology, applications and a constant flood of information, improving your employees’ experience is becoming more important than ever. Sofbang’s Employee 360 mobile application helps HR overcome the challenge of driving engagement and productivity while providing employees quick and clear access to vital company information. Utilizing the latest tools from the Oracle HR Toolkit, the Employee 360 app creates a compelling mobile experience that not only mobilized the internal applications

you use daily, but mobilizes your staff – giving them the necessary tools and experiences that enables them to collaborate amongst each other and making them more efficient at how they do their job. Built on the Oracle Cloud Platform, the HR Toolkit gives your team the tools they need to provide access to core HR, talent, and other key systems allowing your employees, managers, recruiters, etc. to collaborate internally and externally while reducing costs and efficiency.

Technical Features

  • Mobilizing the employee enhances productivity
  • Effective collaboration increases employee and manager satisfaction
  • Delivering fast and consistent user experiences improves HR operations
  • Unified mobile experiences retains top talent with innovative HR practices
  • Mobilizing and empowering the employee incorporates a sense of belonging and ownership
  • Extends and integrates with Taleo, HCM Cloud, PeopleSoft, and more

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