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Sofbang’s Contract Management Solution (CMS) empowers your business and department heads to manage contracts with both customers and vendors. Create new contracts, automate negotiation, track contract KPIs, manage change orders, initiate contract extensions, and create purchase requisitions and much more.

Eliminate spreadsheet tracking, redundant emails, shared drives and paper-based approvals with Sofbang’s CMS. Further improve your team’s productivity by simplifying the contract signing process utilizing eSignature functionality powered by HelloSign.
Sofbang provides CMS as a SaaS solution so there’s no software to install or maintain.

Solution Benefits

  • Accelerates your time to market
  • Easy to configure
  • Increases your ROI while reducing risk
  • Provides a bespoke personalized experience
  • Includes Connectors & Integration Adapters for SaaS and On-Premises Apps

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