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The business landscape is evolving and technologies like chatbots are essential to your customers and remaining competitive. Today’s customers are savvier and demand an intuitive and seamless customer experience. Sofbang’s Chatbots Quickstart allows your customers to use a variety of messaging platforms to get the support.

They need for things such as billing, being notified of and reporting outages and more. Regardless of the industry, your customers want to feel like you’re listening to them. Our Chatbots Quickstart will enhance human staff to fulfill the customer’s expectations efficiently and cost-effectively.

What is an AI-based chatbot?

A chatbot is a program that simulates a text- or speech-based human-to-human conversation using artificial intelligence (AI), providing an authentic, straightforward experience. Many different technologies can be considered chatbots, ranging from automated phone menus to sophisticated marketing bots that can engage with customers on social media.

What is the purpose of a chatbot?

Chatbots are often used to provide low-level self-service customer support, reducing the need for call centers and maximizing the use of human assets. With chatbots, businesses can streamline their teams to maintain agility and profitability without sacrificing quality of service or customer experience. At the same time, organizations can set up internal chatbots to simplify HR and IT needs, such as benefit election or service ticket creation.

Finding companies that develop chatbots

While chatbot AI is a transformative, business-accelerating technology, partnering with the right solution provider is crucial to success. A high-quality chatbot experience accelerates and simplifies business for employees and customers alike, but a bad one drives prospects away and creates more work for your team. Many developers can create a basic chatbot, but only those with a strong understanding of enterprise business needs and a grasp on both the current technology and emerging AI trends can create truly difference-making chatbot solutions.

Chatbot Development Services

Sofbang is proud to be a leading developer in AI-based chatbot solutions for enterprise business. We specialize in creating bespoke solutions that are designed specifically for each client’s work and needs, designing both customer-facing and internal chatbots. We’re not just developers at Sofbang, though, we are a team of business acceleration experts, with an eye toward emerging trends and innovation. If you’re interested in learning more about Sofbang Chatbot Development Services, contact us today!

Engage your clients with Chatbots

The capabilities and possibilities of Chatbots are only just beginning to be realized. Sofbang is focusing on innovative business processes with the use of these new technologies to improve productivity, efficiency and company activities by automating routine tasks to interact with customers and suppliers. Sofbang continues to be a leading innovator as Chatbots and AI continues to have a significant impact on the future of technology.

We build Chatbots on top of all major platforms

  • General Smartphone Chatbots
  • Facebook Messenger Chatbots
  • Apple Siri
  • Google Assistant
  • Amazon Echo/Alexa

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Sofbang’s Licensing and Permitting Solution Accelerator

Introducing Sofbang’s licensing and permitting solution accelerator, an easy way for state and local municipalities to streamline their entire licensing and permitting application process for both staff and constituents. Leveraging the power of the Oracle Cloud Platform, Sofbang’s licensing and permitting solution accelerator allows budget-minded municipalities to do more with less cost all while improving constituent satisfaction.

Sofbang’s licensing and permitting solution accelerator, integrate seamlessly into your current ERP and CRM to provide a solution that is transparent and easy to use, giving municipal employees full control over the entire licensing and permitting process in one central location. Staff have the ability to track and manage permit applications, add new license types, configure permit details, and even set rates and renewal dates with one easy-to-use application.

With a straightforward web and mobile interface, citizens can renew or purchase new licenses, track orders, and get answers to frequently asked questions anytime, anywhere, freeing up staff, improving efficiency and reducing errors, saving you time and money. Available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, see how Sofbang’s licensing and permitting solution accelerator empowers your staff and constituents. Contact Sofbang to get started today.