Solutions with Impact

Our solutions adapt and grow to fit the needs of the customer

Delivering technology solutions with our Soft [Sof] approach and Big Impact [Bang] results.

We specialize in delivering complete solutions that bring real business value and accelerate business enterprise strategy. At Sofbang, we understand that the challenges our customers face today will not be the same six months from now so we make sure that our solutions adjust and grow as our clients’ needs adjust and grow. We apply web, cloud and mobile based technologies along with our Designed for Change methodology to help our clients gain a competitive advantage by growing market share, reducing cost and ultimately building for the future.

We work with our customers to capture their goals, objectives and ideas, then translate that information into a relevant, expected solution that delivers a greater return on investment. Our team’s depth of knowledge and subject matter expertise across the full IT spectrum enables us to offer a range of services and solutions from assessments and accelerators, to implementations, integrations and managed services.

Sofbang’s Mobile Contracts Management Solution empowers your line of business and department heads by enabling them to track and manage activity associated with their contracts.

Sofbang’s Mobile Workforce Management Application allows your organization to mobilize asset-centric or paper-intensive tasks, unifying processes and integrations across your backend systems and provides a truly simplified user experience.

Our Licensing and Permitting application is designed to help public sector agencies better manage their day-to-day business functions while streamlining and automating the many aspects of their permitting and licensing systems.

Sofbang’s Proximity Based Marketing Solution enhances your consumer’s experience by giving you the power to engage your customers from the moment they enter your store.

Sofbang’s Employee 360 mobile application helps HR overcome the challenge of driving engagement and productivity while providing employees quick and clear access to vital company information.

With the capabilities and possibilities of Chatbots only just beginning to be realized, Sofbang is one of the leading innovators as Chatbots and AI continue to have a significant impact on the future of technology.