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Improve efficiency, adapt to change, save time and money with Oracle Business Process Management Suite (BPM) & Oracle SOA Suite.

Take control of your growth with Oracle BPM and SOA Suite.

Business processes and integration are the heart of your business. They are the basis for what differentiates one company from the next. In times of change – whether it is fast growth or other difficulties – improving business processes and seamlessly integrating your systems remains a top business priority as the impact of greater efficiency and agility helps companies adapt to change.

Sofbang has a successful track record in implementing Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle BPM Suite, helping our customers achieve efficiencies. We enable their enterprise to achieve a simple goal: break down barriers and departmental system silos by providing the right user with the right information at the right time. Our proven approach in this space originates back to 2000 (initially with BEA Systems) and continues to serve as the path to success in implementing Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle BPM Suite for a clear return on investment.

Our Focus Includes

  • Oracle SOA Quick Deployment
  • Reference Designs and Architecture for Oracle SOA
  • Oracle SOA Accelerator
  • Optimizing Oracle BPEL Process Manager and Oracle Service Bus
  • Oracle Process Accelerators
  • Baseline and Rapid Setup for Oracle SOA and BPM Suite
  • Integration with ERPs, CRMs and EAMs including Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Integration with legacy applications
  • Integration with mobile applications
  • Integration of cloud applications with on-premise applications


  • Removes complexity and lowers costs
  • Achieves visibility and control to the business and improves productivity
  • Speeds delivery of new solutions and innovations
  • Eliminate barriers among people, process and technology


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Sofbang’s Licensing and Permitting Solution Accelerator

Introducing Sofbang’s licensing and permitting solution accelerator, an easy way for state and local municipalities to streamline their entire licensing and permitting application process for both staff and constituents. Leveraging the power of the Oracle Cloud Platform, Sofbang’s licensing and permitting solution accelerator allows budget-minded municipalities to do more with less cost all while improving constituent satisfaction.

Sofbang’s licensing and permitting solution accelerator, integrate seamlessly into your current ERP and CRM to provide a solution that is transparent and easy to use, giving municipal employees full control over the entire licensing and permitting process in one central location. Staff have the ability to track and manage permit applications, add new license types, configure permit details, and even set rates and renewal dates with one easy-to-use application.

With a straightforward web and mobile interface, citizens can renew or purchase new licenses, track orders, and get answers to frequently asked questions anytime, anywhere, freeing up staff, improving efficiency and reducing errors, saving you time and money. Available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, see how Sofbang’s licensing and permitting solution accelerator empowers your staff and constituents. Contact Sofbang to get started today.