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How does Sofbang deliver value through Flexagon?

Our team’s proven expertise with FlexDeploy provides a strategy that is scalable and manageable, saving you time and money. With Sofbang’s FlexDeploy DevOps strategy, we automate all aspects of continuously integrating and delivering business ideas. With Sofbang’s FlexDeploy Implementation Accelerator, we encapsulate DevOps principles and help manage applications, middleware, database, infrastructure and code for an effective and efficient Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline. Our approach to a successful DevOps strategy starts with our DevOps Maturity Model Framework and Assessment.

DevOps Maturity Assessment
  • Get an honest breakdown of your current state from an industry leader
  • Generate DevOps maturity matrix & roadmap
  • Identify opportunities for workflow streamlining and automation
Oracle Fusion Middleware
  • Break down silos on legacy systems
  • Improve data integration to reduce human error
  • Reduce IT investment while modernizing operations
Flexagon DevOps Consulting & Advisory Services
  • Leverage the knowledge of a team that’s launched DevOps before
  • Stay up to date on emerging best practices for delivery and release
  • Connect with strategic staffing to get DevOps off the ground

What kinds of Flexagon solutions does Sofbang deliver?

Sofbang’s DevOps Maturity Assessment:
  • Assess current DevOps Maturity specific to People, Process, Culture & Technology
  • Evaluate the environment using Sofbang diagnostics, models and tools
  • Generate Sofbang DevOps Maturity Matrix
  • Develop DevOps Roadmap and Framework
  • Create value driven business cases for a successful DevOps journey
  • Outline blueprint for DevOps Path to Success
  • Design DevOps governance, process and practice
  • Initialize Sofbang FlexDeploy Accelerator
The FlexDeploy Solution:
  • FlexDeploy provides a DevOps platform for Continuous Delivery and Release Automation.
  • Improves the speed, quality, and cost of software development and operations.
  • Brings automation, controls, and visibility to software provisioning, build, deploy, and release processes
  • Includes pre-built plugins for Oracle PaaS and IaaS, Oracle Middleware, Oracle Database, Oracle E-Business Suite, MuleSoft, Salesforce and many open source and commercial technologies
  • DevOps control, governance and visibility via robust dashboards, analytics and reports

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