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What is Cloud ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions have been used in various forms and fashions since the 1990s. The goal of an ERP is to provide the exact software functionality and support that employees require to get work done in an accessible and modern manner.

Those early ERPs were mostly licensed software that provided specific toolkits for HR, finance, IT, etc. As the tech business boomed in the late ‘90s, enterprise businesses began building their own bespoke ERPs to provide full data integration and custom functionality.

As the economy and industry have evolved, however, those in-house siloed solutions are no longer feasible to build and maintain at scale. Cloud-based ERPs have stepped in to provide that same, customizable business software experience but in a way that’s far cheaper to create and maintain.

Basically, Cloud ERPs are bespoke suites of licensed software as a service (SaaS) applications bundled together based on business needs and hosted on a cloud platform. The use of the cloud means that businesses require far less infrastructure and monthly cash investment to leverage the power of a comprehensive ERP.

Using middleware, businesses can build integration between their SaaS applications to extend and streamline that ERP experience. That middleware extension eliminates the need for things like repeat data entry and ensures consistent data fetching and reporting capabilities across the entire ERP. That means that a cloud-hosted solution can be just as powerful and integrated as one of those siloed ERPs that was built in-house while creating far fewer in-house IT responsibilities.

What is the Oracle Cloud?

Oracle’s Gen 2 Cloud is the most flexible and secure cloud platform developed to date. It provides businesses with a fully autonomous database, which simplifies the process of building Oracle integrated ERP solutions and greatly reduces the potential for human error in data fetching and analysis scenarios.

The Oracle Cloud helps businesses save money and streamline their operations by creating bespoke-feeling solutions from a wide variety of grab-and-go parts while significantly lowering IT costs and workload. Using the Oracle platform, businesses can create and leverage solutions at a fraction of the price it would take to build and implement them from scratch.

The new Gen 2 Cloud is especially exciting because it was specifically built to help organizations take advantage of the emerging power of AI and automation to create business solutions that truly maximize every moment of human work by picking up the slack, creating a more satisfying and empowered experience for everyone.

How Does Oracle ERP Cloud Work?

Explaining the nuts and bolts of cloud computing can be a little high-concept, so let’s use a quick analogy.

When businesses used to create bespoke ERPs, they were putting an incredible range of expensive responsibilities on their IT teams. It was basically like they had to build a virtual office from scratch: they had to create a virtual blueprint, weld the virtual girders, do all the virtual wiring and plumbing, and even wax the virtual floors when they started to look grubby.

The Oracle ERP Cloud takes the heaviest and most frustrating or repetitive tasks off of the internal team’s shoulders, providing the infrastructure of the office and letting the IT team focus on maximizing the possibilities of the existing design and tailoring the daily experience to specific business needs and company culture. In this way, the Cloud enables those in-house, human IT professionals to focus on creating something truly great rather than getting bogged down with heavy lifting.

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