Oracle Solutions from Sofbang

Leverage the Power of Oracle with an Award-Winning Partner

Sofbang has been a leading Oracle partner and solution provider for more than a decade. During that time, we’ve earned a name for ourselves as a true innovator, with a half-dozen Oracle Excellence Awards under our belt and an ever-growing reputation as pioneers of the Oracle Cloud Platform.

Our Oracle Solutions include…

Oracle ERP Cloud Integration

To upgrade legacy siloed or a la carte SaaS ERPs to create a modern, responsive, secure, affordable toolkit of business software using the Oracle Integration Cloud Service. Sofbang has extensive experience building ERPs that account for every business need or process, from finance tools and project planning apps to powerful Oracle content management for marketing through Oracle Content and Experience Cloud.

Oracle ERP Cloud Extension

To provide data integration and build bespoke, impactful enterprise resource planning solutions with customizable functionality that speaks to each business’ specific need.

Oracle SaaS/PaaS Integration

To create powerful, open-ended cloud platforms that deliver functionality and value quickly while leaving the potential for further development, refinement, and improvement over time.

Cutting Edge Business Acceleration

Our Sofbang team brings decades of combined experience developing and troubleshooting using the Oracle Cloud Platform, but we also pride ourselves on being innovators who are constantly stretching the limits of the Oracle experience to accelerate business for our clients.

Our deployment-ready Sofbang Business Accelerators leverage the power of Oracle to provide a variety of powerful business computing abilities, including…

  • The PaaS4SaaS Accelerator to speed up the process of SaaS/PaaS integration and help businesses leverage the power of the Oracle ERP Cloud as quickly as possible.
  • The Contract Management Accelerator to provide a powerful, comprehensive negotiation-to-completion contract management interface that can be integrated onto a business’ cloud platform seamlessly and immediately.
  • The Mobile Workforce Management Accelerator to offer better tracking, communication, and accountability for the supervisors of mobile professionals such as delivery drivers and field service technicians while also providing those workers with a robust, functional toolkit that mirrors the data access and input abilities they would have from an office desk.
  • The DevOps Accelerator to connect businesses with the platform, workflow, and approach they need to significantly streamline and improve software and application development processes.
  • The Blockchain Accelerator to help businesses transition into twenty-first century finance and leverage the potential of Blockchain technology to secure the supply chain and guarantee smooth, uninterrupted business operations.
  • The Chatbot/Mobility Accelerator to improve website and ERP accessibility for leads, customers, and employees alike, significantly reducing the strain on IT and support professionals to build productivity without sacrificing quality of service for anybody.
… And that’s just a taste of what’s possible when you combine the power of the Oracle Cloud and Sofbang’s track record of success and innovation.
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