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Optimized Application Support


The City of Chicago Office of the City Clerk contracted Sofbang to perform application management and support for their city sticker sales application suite (SAS). The applications were developed by Sofbang as custom WebLogic applications for vehicle and daily parking permits. The applications include online, over the counter, mail in and third party sales.

The SAS also includes managing the sticker post sales activities including editing of records, annual renewal notices, and inventory management. Sofbang provided application management and support on a 24/7 basis which was critical during the peak renewal season.

Client Needs

In addition to the sales of the vehicle city stickers the City Clerk’s office also sells dog registration emblems. These emblems are used to attach to the dog vaccination tag. The City Clerk came to Sofbang with the request to add into the SAS the ability to also sell dog emblems in a similar way to city stickers as a pilot to moving from pre-printed stickers to print-on-demand stickers as part of the maintenance and support. This would include both online sales and over the counter sales. Provisions for sending out renewal notices were also required. All this needed to be completed in a short timeframe with no additional funding.

Sofbang accepted the challenge to optimize the use of the application maintenance and support resources by designing the dog emblem sales to fit within the existing city sticker sales application suite. The same resources being used to support the SAS was focused on the development of the dog emblem sales within and using existing applications.

The primary change being made was the print on demand which would later be applied to the city stickers. A proof of concept was performed to identify and demonstrate printing variable dog emblem data onto pre-printed forms.

Sofbang completed the integration of the dog emblem sales into the vehicle sticker sales application suite. The print on demand capability used for dog emblems became the foundation for the more expansive use for the vehicle sticker sales successfully launched a few months after first use on dog emblems. Using application maintenance and support resources to fulfill this request optimized the budget for the City Clerk. The following benefits were derived from this effort:
  • Dog emblem sales made available online and through the mail
  • Dog emblem sales increased over 7x in two years