Streamline business processes & improve overall efficiency with AI automation

Using conversational AI from Sofbang, utility providers can…
  • Increase productivity in the office, warehouse, and field
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Lower customer service costs
  • Strengthen your position in the supply chain
  • Reduce IT firefighting

Chatbots for the Manufacturing Industry

Benefits & Advantages


or more of customer interactions can be managed with AI


time savings on report generation, debriefing, etc


elimination of human data transfer errors
A track record of success

Sofbang has worked with a variety of manufacturing customers, including…

Scaled Automation in Action

Chatbots for the Automotive Industry


A Basic Customer Service Chatbot for Automotive


Scale Internal Operations with Chatbots & AI


Customer Support Cloud Integration

Why Sofbang?

At Sofbang, we’re an IT integrator who’s deeply interested in getting to know you and your work, helping you create a roadmap to departmental and organizational success, and getting you there through strategic support and tech enablement.

What’s Our Approach to Manufacturing?

We build AI integrations that help manufacturers modernize operations and streamline multi-step work processes as quickly as possible. Our pre-built accelerators from a history of successful industry deployments serve as the core of our steel thread, upon which we layer custom functionality and integration to meet each manufacturer’s specific needs.

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