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Retail & Hospitality Businesses

How Does Sofbang Approach Retail & Hospitality?

Sofbang helps the retail and hospitality industry engage their customers, enhance operations and increase profits. Our solutions offer you the opportunity to provide your customers a unique, personalized experience, while mirroring the ease of online shopping and creating new ways to capture loyal customers – giving you a competitive advantage.

Proximity Based Marketing
  • Gain powerful data about customers, guests, and leads
  • Reach out to leads and customers in targeted ways
  • Create purposeful, data-driven campaigns
Integrated Business Computing Systems
  • Total integration & data consistency across all apps
  • On-prem and cloud-based application extension
  • Error-resistant automated billing processes
Technology Investment Consultation
  • Maximize the potential of your IT & application investment
  • Unlock opportunities for savings and improvement
  • Modernize your approach in thoughtful, ROI-driving ways
A track record of success

Sofbang has worked with a variety of retail and hospitality customers, including…