Effective enterprise industry solutions, helping you to solve complex problems.

We specialize in providing adaptable solutions that are Designed for Change.

At Sofbang, we know that plans and strategies are fluid and subject to change. Our industry-specific knowledge and expertise helps our clients automate their business processes and solve complex problems by leveraging the latest technologies while reducing costs. Sofbang’s ability to deliver effective enterprise industry solutions ensures that we are a trusted provider to a broad range of industries.

Sofbang helps industry leaders in the Communications industry improve operations and maximize organizational effectiveness.

Sofbang’s solutions enable the Construction and Engineering industry to improve communication and collaboration in the field and the home office.

We strive to provide the Industrial and Manufacturing Industries by assessing and prioritizing their technology investments and create a direct path for tackling the most important needs of the organization with the most impact.

Sofbang helps government and education industries with operational efficiencies, transparency and the integration of processes across operational and jurisdictional boundaries all while keeping up with the ever-changing demands of demands of integrating conventional systems with a unified digital solution.

Our retail solutions provide the perfect synergy between consumers and gaining a competitive advantage.

Sofbang delivers proven software applications that help the power and utility companies enhance the customer experience and provide a competitive advantage.

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