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B2B & B2C eCommerce Solutions

  • Simplify the buying experience
  • Full order placing capabilities
  • Seamless integration with your ERP, CRM, legacy apps, platforms and databases
  • Increase revenue and enhance the customer experience

What can Sofbang eCommerce solutions do?

Just about any developer toolkit can create a basic eCommerce experience, but Sofbang specializes in crafting solutions that are fully integrated with warehouse, billing, shipping, accounts payable, and beyond to create opportunities for business acceleration and automation.

Improve the Customer Experience
  • Create a highly visual & intuitive user experience
  • Simplify the entire shopping/ordering/checkout process
  • Minimize clicks while maximizing security
Maximize ROI Through Integration
  • Connect directly with warehouse for real-time tracking, inventory, and visibility
  • Automate generation of labels and shipping forms
  • Address repetitive, human-intensive tasks with AI
Put Your eCommerce Data to Use
  • Leverage AI for predictive reordering
  • Collect data to analyze customer behavior
  • Understand the narrative behind every single sale
A track record of success

Sofbang has created eCommerce solutions for clients including…

How Sofbang Approaches B2B & B2C eCommerce Solutions

Step 1
Opportunity-Based Discovery & Scoping
  • Analyzing existing eCommerce investment
  • Identifying pain points
  • eCommerce goal-to-value realization session
Step 2
Framework, Design & Architecture
  • Design an eCommerce platform extending Oracle EBS, SAP, Salesforce or other key applications
  • Leverage Sofbang’s eCommerce accelerators
  • Create an eCommerce design architecture
Step 3
Agile, Accelerated Implementation
  • Pilot your new eCommerce experience on a single product or line
  • Expand and strengthen the solution through further integrations
  • Thorough testing and feedback
Step 4
Ongoing Built-for-Change Support
  • Seamless transition with managed services
  • Respond to analytics and customer-driven needs
  • Stay up to date on eCommerce best practices

Featured Case Study: City of Chicago Vehicle Sticker Program

Updating & Accelerating an Approach to eCommerce

The City of Chicago Office of the City Clerk came to Sofbang looking to migrate their vehicle sticker purchasing program to the cloud. That migration grew into a major overhaul of the entire IT framework supporting the sticker program, which enabled significant quality-of-life improvement for city workers and residents alike.

Sofbang built a B2C eCommerce platform for the City of Chicago that met all of their immediate needs for the sticker program while also creating a framework that could be built up and out to meet other city needs.

Through their work with Sofbang, the Office of the City Clerk was able to develop an eight-year plan to migrate additional public fees toward the eCommerce platform, significantly modernizing operations.

What Clients Say

"Sofbang completely rebuilt our approach to eCommerce and created something that’s both designed to serve our company well today and continue to grow and become more useful over the years.”
Ed K
CIO of Fortune 500 Manufacturer & Distributor

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Sofbang’s Licensing and Permitting Solution Accelerator

Introducing Sofbang’s licensing and permitting solution accelerator, an easy way for state and local municipalities to streamline their entire licensing and permitting application process for both staff and constituents. Leveraging the power of the Oracle Cloud Platform, Sofbang’s licensing and permitting solution accelerator allows budget-minded municipalities to do more with less cost all while improving constituent satisfaction.

Sofbang’s licensing and permitting solution accelerator, integrate seamlessly into your current ERP and CRM to provide a solution that is transparent and easy to use, giving municipal employees full control over the entire licensing and permitting process in one central location. Staff have the ability to track and manage permit applications, add new license types, configure permit details, and even set rates and renewal dates with one easy-to-use application.

With a straightforward web and mobile interface, citizens can renew or purchase new licenses, track orders, and get answers to frequently asked questions anytime, anywhere, freeing up staff, improving efficiency and reducing errors, saving you time and money. Available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, see how Sofbang’s licensing and permitting solution accelerator empowers your staff and constituents. Contact Sofbang to get started today.