All Things DevOps

Remove the Barrier Between Development and Operational Teams

Why DevOps?

Industries are looking for consistent and standard processes to improve software delivery, quality, and performance, in addition to resolving the disconnect between groups/teams; which results in conflicts and inefficiency. DevOps creates an approach that fosters collaboration and integration between the development & operations teams applying principles of automation and collaboration.

Benefits of DevOps

  • Automate activities (i.e., development, deployment, testing, etc.)
  • Simultaneous deployment across multiple platforms
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Offers easy manageable agile processes
  • Deliver systems to the business faster
  • Reduces risk of production changes through automated non-functional testing and shorter development iterations.

Why Sofbang?

Sofbang provides an agile and sensible DevOps approach that is focused on prioritizing your business needs. Our team’s proven expertise with modern DevOps tools and IaaS accelerators will provide you with a strategy that is scalable and manageable, saving you time and money. With our DevOps strategy, we automate all aspects of continuously integrating and delivering business ideas. Using an agile approach and DevOps in tandem, Sofbang can address the gaps between customer requirements and the development team as well as eradicate gaps between development and operations teams. Our focus is to provide effective and efficient Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline. With the help of tools, we provide automated workflows that encapsulate DevOps principles and help manage infrastructure and code.

How Does Sofbang Accelerate DevOps Implementation?

  • Create the DevOps roadmap to optimize IT Strategy
  • Evaluate the environment using diagnostics & maturity models
  • Create value cases for DevOps journey
  • Develop DevOps roadmap and framework
  • Define the IT Operating Model based on DevOps principles
  • Outline client-specific blueprint for DevOps tools
  • Design lean governance, processes and practices

DevOps Solution

Sofbang brings together all the capabilities needed for Continuous Delivery. Our DevOps practice is part of an ecosystem of capabilities, including IT strategy, deep industry knowledge, change management and large-scale application delivery. We use a few DevOps metrics like Deployment frequency, Deployment lead time, Business impact and failure rates to measure the value delivered to our customers

DevOps Tools

Sofbang’s DevOps and Continuous Delivery toolchain enables projects to start rapidly using DevOps practices from the outset. The tools come preconfigured, providing immediate capability that clients can leverage right away. These are a sample subset of DevOps tools that Sofbang uses:

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