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From strategy to implementation, Sofbang delivers technology solutions that help drive transformation, improve productivity and streamline business operations. Our innovative solutions are linked to measurable goals that help our customers achieve a competitive advantage. Our team has a unique understanding of both business and technology, leveraging these combined leveraging these combined skills to assist clients in making business decisions that have technology implications

Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (MCS)

IT leaders face a daunting challenge, meeting their organizations’ high expectations of IT service, while controlling costs and preparing IT to meet the future needs of the business. Our team has a unique understanding of both business and technology and leverage these skills to assist our customers in making business decisions that have technology implications. Sofbang’s Technology Strategy can help your organization capitalize on future growth prospects and better manage IT resources.

Enterprise Architecture

Our Enterprise Architecture solutions are the blueprint for communication and understanding between business and technology. With our understanding of both business and technology, we combine those skills to assist clients in making business decisions that have technology implications.

Center-of-Excellence Transformation

We help our customers identify, design, introduce, run and improve IT-based services that help achieve their desired business outcomes. IT investments must be integrated with the overarching business imperatives, and the modern CIO is under increasing 0 pressure to run IT as a service-oriented business to help generate business value. Sofbang’s Center-of-Excellence offering helps IT leaders to leverage an ever increasing array of software service options. Contact us today for an assessment.

Service Oriented Architecture

Many companies turn to a SOA approach for integrating applications and business processes due to its strong transformational impact on businesses of all types and sizes. With rapid and dynamic change being a permanent and constant component of today’s industry, SOA seamlessly enables companies to take control of the shifts and turns within the marketplace. Our SOA integration solution provides fast, flexible and reliable access to data, applications and information – regardless of platform, device or data formats. We help to improve visibility with enhanced governance of critical information, services processes and events. Your employees, customers, partners and suppliers stay connected by having data, applications and systems integrated and easily accessible throughout the network.

Program Management

At Sofbang, Program Management is integrated into our projects from beginning to end. We help our clients overcome complex systems integration challenges within an organization and with their external partners and clients. In some cases we do pure IT project management initiatives where we perform assessments and help establish a Project Management Office (PMO) to help drive business and technology programs. Our project management staff have been certified by PMI as professional project managers. Our success stems from our ability to understand the business needs and translate that into the technology requirements as projects are defined, scoped and implemented.

Managed IT Services

Sofbang’s Managed IT Services are set up to provide the service you need with the right resources to keep your business processes running. If an application is off the shelf or custom made, the need for administration and support is always present. Sofbang provides the level of administration and support to keep our customers business processes running smoothly. As changes come along, our support staff addresses them in a timely manner. Our trained staff has expertise in the development of applications so that when called to implement application modification, they can be readily implemented to meet the ever changing business environment. Not only do we support applications, but also the systems they reside on. System administration and proactive monitoring are a part of the overall Managed Services offering.

Solution Features

  • Business Driven IT Infrastructure
  • Enterprise applications closing integrated together
  • Optimized use of existing IT investments
  • Best of class applications and processes


  • Rapid return on Investments
  • Reduce your IT support costs
  • Enhance your IT support staff with skilled Sofbang resources
  • Greater alignment between IT and line of business

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