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Customer Experience Transformation

What can Sofbang’s Unified Customer Experience Solutions do?

Sofbang helps businesses connect to and work with their clients in new, more responsive, more satisfying ways. By creating a user experience that feels consistent, easy to use, and rewarding, Sofbang solutions smoothen the customer journey in ways that increase conversion and satisfaction.

Build an Omnichannel Experience
  • Provide the same great service across social media, your site, and beyond
  • Build more meaningful, holistic relationships with customers
  • Gain total data consistency between platforms
Present Data in New Ways
  • Generate reports, invoices, receipts, and more through automation
  • Maximize clarity for customers and employees alike
  • Eliminate repetitive or manual processes for customers and employees
Leverage Best Practices for Mobility
  • Create a seamless experience between desktop and mobile
  • Increase accessibility
  • Streamline on-the-go views without losing functionality
A track record of success

Sofbang has helped built customer solutions on the following platforms…

How Sofbang Approaches Unified Customer Experience

Step 1
Opportunity-Based Discovery & Scoping
  • Customer experience assessment
  • Omnichannel adoption roadmap creation
  • IT best practice recommendations
Step 2
Framework, Design & Architecture
  • Designing a unified approach to customer experience
  • Leveraging proprietary PaaS4SaaS & Mobility accelerators
  • Identifying greatest points of ROI for pilot use cases
Step 3
Agile, Accelerated Implementation
  • Integrating legacy systems with new code
  • Ensuring consistency and integrity across all platforms and channels
  • Training your customer support & IT teams on the new system
Step 4
Ongoing Built-for-Change Support
  • Walking through your roll-out and transition
  • Managing the long-term health of your customer experience
  • Identifying new opportunities to improve over time