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Microservices for Enterprise

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How Sofbang Approaches The Microservices Approach

Step 1
Opportunity-Based Discovery & Scoping
  • Assessing your legacy system
  • Uncovering opportunities for modernization
  • Goal-to-value realization session
Step 2
Framework, Design & Architecture
  • Identify impactful microservice opportunities
  • Wrap APIs around individual features
  • Maintain the integrity of your existing approach
Step 3
Agile, Accelerated Implementation
  • Create powerful new functionality within packaged containers
  • Pilot a single use case quickly and add microservices over time
  • Fully integrate new code with your legacy system
Step 4
Ongoing Built-for-Change Support
  • Manage the long-term health of your system
  • Continue to update your approach one piece at a time
  • Modernize in a powerful, non-disruptive way