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Cloud Integration Services

What can Sofbang Cloud Integration do?

Since the introduction of cloud computing, hosting, and data management, Sofbang has helped businesses leverage the cloud in strategic ways. Our history of successful deployments and experience working with a number of cloud platforms means we know the best way to approach each individual project.

Connect with a Truly Modern Experience
  • Improve responsiveness & security
  • Provide your employees with productivity-boosting integration
Design a Bespoke Business Platform
  • Bring all the data & functionality you need together
  • Build integrations based on needs
  • Gain a dynamic tool that will evolve with you
Improve Return on Your IT Investment
  • Reduce in-house management costs
  • Reduce daily support needs with a clearer, easier system
  • Free your IT team up to be more strategic
A track record of success

Sofbang helps businesses embrace cloud integration on platforms including...

How Sofbang Approaches Cloud Integration

Step 1
Opportunity-Based Discovery & Scoping
  • Legacy system/integration assessment
  • Architecture & investment discovery session
  • Cloud integration goal-to-value realization session
Step 2
Framework, Design & Architecture
  • Leveraging existing architectural strength
  • Deploying proprietary Sofbang iPaaS Accelerator
  • Identifying pilot use cases
Step 3
Agile, Accelerated Implementation
  • Pilot your cloud platform in weeks
  • Build additional functionality around core delivery
  • Thorough testing and feedback
Step 4
Ongoing Built-for-Change Support
  • Manage the long-term health of your platform
  • Uncover new opportunities for integration
  • Keep you up-to-date on cloud trends

Featured Case Study: Elevating the Customer Experience for Solairus

Aviation asset management provider Solairus provides a wide variety of services for their exclusive clientele, from crew member staffing to maintenance work coordination. That means working with an incredible variety of contractors, service providers, and suppliers.

Until recently, Solairus’ customer billing process was long, complex, and largely manual. Generating a report involved hours of manual data-fetching and compiling. Looking for an approach to billing that was as innovative as their aviation offerings, Solairus turned to Sofbang.

Sofbang migrated Solarius’ billing and accounts payable functions to the cloud, creating opportunities for new, process-accelerating integrations and an exponentially more responsive system.