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Why Chatbots?

Most recently, the rise of artificial intelligence and messaging apps has led to an increase in demand for Chatbots among businesses. Since employees have started utilizing online chat to interact, businesses have transformed digitally, engaging with customers to create an exceptional user experience.

With chatbots, you can automate conversations and streamline business processes. Chatbots allow enterprises to create the presence of their brand virtually on multiple platforms and increase employee productivity with a real-time self-service option.

Business Challenges:

  • Delayed customer response times
  • High call center costs
  • Inability to respond to multiple calls simultaneously
  • Inability to collect data

The customer also encounters challenges with the traditional ways of interacting with business. A Few of them are:

  • No mobile device accesses
  • Lack of customization
  • Long customer wait time
  • No after hour services
Chatbots optimize operational productivity and achieve the following:

  • Quality service: Instant access to updated insights and improved employee engagement has a positive influence in the work environment.
  • Personalized Services: Bots help to build one to one relationships with the customer and provides a personal touch.
  • Gaining insight and understanding users: With simple questions and interactive conversation you get insight into customer preferences.
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: Chatbots automate the conversation and talks to multiple people at the same time; bridging the gap between the enterprise and the customers. AI bots provide a completely different experience to users.


Order Status, Store Hours, Nearest Store Locations

Account Info

Recommended Products, Return Info, Rep Info

Call Deflection

Parking Info, Transportation, Transfer to Live Agent

HR Assistant

W2 Lookup, PTO Request, EE Directory, Live Agent

IT Helpdesk

Basic Troubleshootng, Login, App Support

Order Food

Place order, Seat Deliveru, Order History

Appt. Scheduling

Check-in, Scheduling, Notifications, Forms Entry

Customer Support

Order tracking, Returns, Basic Troubleshooting


EZ Contractor Onboarding, Processing & FAQs

We leverage scalable Oracle Intelligent Bot Cloud Service and Oracle Mobile Cloud platform to develop an intelligent bot that automates routine and easily integrates with existing enterprise and other modern applications.

The bot recognizes the keyword and phrases in questions entered by the user in natural language and returns the most appropriate answer. The bot was configured for tools like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Facebook Messenger using OBCS and connected to existing systems using MCS REST and SOAP.

Chatbot Architecture

Artifical Chatbot

Sofbang offers Chatbot Development Services that follow an approach that builds from the inside out focusing on a steel thread; which we define as the most reusable aspect of the overall project. We develop intelligent chatbots so businesses can automate their conversation process and easily integrate with existing enterprises, in addition to other modern applications. We leverage the Oracle Mobile Cloud platform that provides flexibility to select different channels and allow businesses to funnel traffic and analyze user paths.

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