Extending Applications Effortlessly

Sofbang PaaS4SaaS is a PaaS solution that leverages the power and dependability of the Oracle Cloud Platform to create bespoke extensions of ERP, CRM, HCM and other SaaS products to customize the employee, customer, and supplier-facing experience for enterprise business. Using PaaS4SaaS, organizations can select functionality from more than 1,000 different applications and work with experienced cloud platform engineers to create a comprehensive system that meets all of an organization’s internal and external needs.

Why Paas4SaaS?

Sofbang PaaS4SaaS is a game-changing comprehensive enterprise business management solution that brings financial, workforce, supply chain, marketing, sales, and service concerns together under one umbrella. This unified approach supports efficiency, data integrity, and collaboration between departments, managers, and employees, with an eye toward creating a strong, healthy, self-aware organization.

PaaS4SaaS Advantages

PaaS4SaaS isn’t just about picking and choosing from the best SaaS functionality, however. The Oracle Cloud Platform itself provides incredible opportunities to integrate cutting-edge technologies and new approaches, backed by the security and reliability of Oracle. In this way, PaaS4SaaS creates opportunities for organizations to harness emerging, game-changing tools, including…
  • Autonomous Data Warehouse: Delivers rapid and simplfied access to any of your organization’s internal data, including the power to create detailed, full-color reports. Provides elastic storage space, so you’re never paying for anything more than you need but never have to worry about running out of space, either.
  • Mobile App Development: Transforms pen-and-paper processes and “work now, document later” jobs by creating secure, on-the-go access to all your organization’s PaaS4SaaS functionality. Opens up opportunities to create mobile employee, client, and supplier portals.
  • Blockchain Integration: Revolutionizes the supply chain by allowing for transparent, instantaneous invoicing, fulillment, and payment without the delays of third-party approval.
  • Chatbots & Digital Assistant Tools: Offers better, more personal self-service opportunities for employee and customer processes alike, enabling better use of human resources and streamlining the process of answering frequently asked questions and providing base-level support.
  • IoT Integration: Gain real-time insights from sensors and devices around the world to inform planning and decision-making, reduce time-to-market, and provide easy access to the data you need to illustrate your thinking.

Customer Impact

Customer #1

Sofbang improved a Fortune 500 Manufacturer’s field service automation solution by extending Oracle Service Cloud.

  • Improved customer experience
  • Improved DSO (Days Sales Outstanding)
  • Transfer from paper-based manual workflows to digital
  • Faster application deployment
  • 20% reduction in time for field service debriefs
  • Reduction in manual processes
  • Reduction in the amount of support needed for applications and services

Customer #2

By extending Oracle ERP Cloud a Sofbang customer was able to create a bespoke customer portal experience.Customer Benefits Include:

  • Eliminated the need to email clients
  • Eliminated the need to email clients
  • Improved privacy of client information
  • Created information transparency and security
  • Established a user-friendly customer portal that allowed clients to view in real-time:
    • Account summaries
    • Expense records
    • Specific trips and time durations

Why Sofbang?

At Sofbang, we have nearly two decades of experience as an award-winning Oracle System Integrator, which means we focus specifically on connecting Cloud Platform apps and creating new functionality in revolutionary new ways to accelerate business. We pride ourselves on working with each individual customer to determine what software or tools are already working well for them and suggest ways to extend, enhance, and integrate that functionality to improve business processes and ease-of-use.