Where does “PaaS” and “SaaS” Come From?

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Where does “PaaS” and “SaaS” Come From?

Since enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications became commonplace around 20 years ago, enterprise businesses have learned that an organization can only be as agile, responsive, and innovative as its ERP allows. Many larger businesses began making major investments in building robust internal ERPs, but those systems continued to run into the challenges of administration and maintenance of on-premises and the costs and inefficiencies associated with ongoing support.


Those challenges led to the development of Software as a Service (SaaS), a subscription-based model in which solution providers design and deploy ERP software components for enterprise clients. SaaS eliminates the inconvenience and cost of on-premises ERP management while radically simplifying the processes of onboarding and offboarding users and providing increased reliability.


However, the standardized SaaS approach has left many clients longing for the days when their ERP was built especially for their employees and their work. Oftentimes, users find that, while individual SaaS tools are fantastic for their specific, original purpose, the fragmented nature of “one solution per department” or “one tool per application” makes sharing information and creating comprehensive, insightful and innovative customizations very difficult. That’s why the power of cloud computing was harnessed to create Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions.


PaaS and IaaS help extend, enhance, and integrate SaaS components to provide a customizable experience that consolidates all an organization’s crucial data and functionality, from project management to accounting and CRM to procurement. That means businesses finally get a truly integrated experience and custom-designed functionality alongside the power, dependability, and convenience of SaaS tools.


Sofbang PaaS4SaaS Solutions

Sofbang’s PaaS4SaaS Solutions leverage the Oracle Cloud Platform to provide enterprise clients with a personalized suite of accelerator extensions that offers a truly unified experience. With PaaS4SaaS, organizations can eradicate the struggles of siloed on-premises systems and standalone SaaS applications that require redundant data entry, export, import, and often lead to compromises or compatibility issues.


By integrating and extending Oracle ERP, Service Cloud, and Sales Cloud we provide both robust structure and an open-ended framework to ensure each of our clients get exactly what they need to succeed. Our PaaS4SaaS Solution accelerators have helped clients connect their ledgers, project management systems, and service automation SaaS products with bespoke customer portals and integrated mobile workforce management platforms to reflect changes in real time and build an innovative platform that improves both business agility and data integrity.


We begin with existing services, components and tools you already know work well and weave an integrated solution that connects and strengthens your SaaS apps. That means each PaaS4SaaS solution is specifically built with ease-of-adoption in mind, and any disruptions to the way users work will only be positive, productivity-boosting ones. On the other hand, if there’s functionality that you’ve been missing or aren’t sure even exists, we’ll help you find the PaaS tools you need to achieve your goals and leverage our expertise to connect those applications to your platform.


Sofbang’s two decades of experience as an Oracle system integrator and solutions provider means we have the experience to create extended, middleware-centric solutions that meet all of today’s needs while anticipating next week’s challenges as well. We’re proud to be innovating and pushing the limits of PaaS & IaaS functionality, helping our clients connect better with customers through portals, mobility, chatbots, and blockchain-centric solutions to accelerate more efficient, agile ways of doing work.


Why PaaS4SaaS?

  • Rapid build integration, which provides flexibility and functionality in addition to easy access to data
  • Build extensions and reporting capabilities while saving on reusability and extend existing applications by adding functionality to meet evolving needs.
  • Worry-free: There’s no need to think about cost and time associated with maintaining hardware or data centers
  • PaaS tools provide secure access to SaaS applications from any device, incorporating bespoke portals, chatbots, mobility and blockchain solutions


Why Sofbang?


Sofbang, LLC was presented the 2018 Oracle Excellence Awards for Specialized Partner of the Year for SaaS and PaaS – North America in SaaS and PaaS for demonstrating an outstanding and innovative solution based on Oracle products. Sofbang, LLC specializes in leveraging Oracle Cloud Platform services including Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise (OMCe), Oracle Integration Cloud, Oracle Content and Experience Cloud, Oracle Business Analytics Cloud and Oracle Java Cloud. Sofbang also uses SaaS extensions to provide customers with dynamic business process extensions, enterprise mobility, and cloud solutions; which extend, integrate and simplify enterprise business applications across the organization.


The Oracle Excellence Awards for Specialized Partner of the Year – Global encourages innovation by Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) members, who use Oracle’s products and technology to create value for customers and generate new business potential.

“Sofbang has demonstrated an outstanding level of innovation in delivering proven, Oracle-based SaaS and PaaS solutions that solve our joint customers’ most critical business challenges,” said Camillo Speroni, Vice President, Worldwide Strategic Alliances, Oracle. “We congratulate Sofbang, LLC in achieving the 2018 Oracle Excellence Award for Specialized Partner of the Year – North America in SaaS and PaaS. This achievement is a testament to their dedication to excellence and to providing customer solutions that drive real business value and results.”

About Sofbang, LLC

Founded in 2000, Sofbang is a leading system integrator, providing impactful and innovative solutions in the Integration, PaaS4SaaS, Mobile, AI, DevOps and Blockchain areas of focus. Sofbang creates, extends and automates agile solutions leveraging Oracle, Salesforce and MuleSoft technologies to accelerate business value and stretch the limits of what’s possible.

Our company was founded with the passion that comes from seeing clients achieve strategic success. We design solutions with Scalability, Flexibility and Extendibility in mind. We call this philosophy “Designed for Change”, based on our agile, yet unique Steel Thread methodology that’s built to grow and evolve with your organization – not a static solution that is set-in stone at rollout. Our solutions help organizations reduce costs, increase revenue, enhance user experience and improve productivity. Sofbang is headquartered in Westmont, Illinois and is minority owned.

Gayle Parker
Sofbang, LLC