The Oracle Cloud Platform: Truly Fast & Furious

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2Fast2Believe it or not, there is an actual definition in the dictionary for the phrase Fast and Furious (F&F). It means, “Used about situations in which a lot of different things happen very fast, one after the other”.  While the Fast and the Furious movie franchise is full of action, the phrase is also appropriately suited for a day in the life of a Line of Business (LOB) Manager. In their line of work, a lot of different things happen very fast, one after the other. As we work with LOB Managers across industries, the common denominator is the need for more agility. They are often faced with factors that serve as a catalyst, changing the business needs and priorities of the LOB.

For example, let’s look at a COO of a large utility. He faces three regulatory changes, which will have a direct impact on his operations and customer base within a short span of four months. He is required to report on how he is addressing these changes, while ensuring that he is adhering to specific service level agreements (SLAs). A slip on SLAs and specific response to service requests will have a direct cost impact credited back to customers via his operational groups and subsidiaries. He initially looks to his CIO on how technology can help him address these regulatory changes. They review his needs and come up two process centric mobile applications extending and integrating to their backend ERP, billing, and customer applications. Incorporating these solutions will help the COO meet and track progress towards these regulatory changes.

However, the IT department is already at 115% capacity, based on current projects, resources and technology utilization. He’s given a lead-time of eight weeks for IT to begin work on his initiative, with an additional four weeks to setup the infrastructure. This timeline is not going to work for the COO, since he needs to be up and running within four months. The COO engages with Sofbang for a two-day health check, which defines a clear roadmap of how he can address his needs, leveraging the Oracle Cloud Platform. Sofbang then works with him to standup the two mobile applications, leveraging the Oracle Cloud Platform (specifically the Oracle Mobile Cloud Service, Process Cloud Service and Integration Cloud Service) to tie this to his enterprise backend applications. Let’s see how this happens.

Based on the results of the health check, Sofbang is able to layout a detailed agile approach, broken up into sprints that address the series of use cases and scope identified. We then map these use cases to the respective Oracle Cloud Services and are able to begin prototyping and building components of the solution within one week. These components require integrations to existing backend and SaaS applications (i.e. CC&B and SalesForce). The solution definition includes the mapping of the scope and use cases to the various Oracle Cloud Platform services, along with taking into consideration the current customer’s enterprise architecture, skills and other existing operational dimensions. For example, the IT department is currently building mobile applications on the Xamarin platform. Sofbang is able to use their existing Mobile Workforce Management Accelerator as a base for rapid implementation. We are then able to extend that base with the customer’s existing Xamarin platform and build the front-end mobile apps for the COO, while leveraging the Oracle Mobile Cloud Service to manage the integrated mobility strategy and track essential analytics on the mobile apps.


MWF iPhone_iPad

Another mobile app is an end-to-end dashboard centric solution built for the COO for him to track in real-time the SLAs, response times and progress of how his organization is responding to these regulatory changes. This also ties in to various backend applications and allows him to approve/reject higher priority related issues. This solution leverages the Oracle Mobile Cloud Service, Process Cloud Service and Integration Cloud Service for workflow/swimlane composition, business rules definition and integration to CC&B to pull information in real-time.

The COO is extremely happy, as he is able to respond to these three regulatory changes in a quick span of four months, by leveraging Sofbang and the Oracle Cloud Platform. In addition, he now has a platform that fits within the CIO’s existing enterprise architecture and serves as a foundation that he can iteratively expand upon. He benefits from the power of the Oracle Cloud Platform and flexibility from Sofbang’s Steel Thread Agile Methodology. Faster time to market, lower TCO and truly designed for agility. So while the business is “Fast and Furious” (definition: used about situations in which a lot of different things happen very fast, one after the other), the Oracle Cloud Platform and Sofbang are right there in the race to respond to the constantly changing business needs in the same “Fast and Furious” manner. It’s truly a dead heat!