Preview: The Fast Track to AI Customer Service

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On October 22, Sofbang will be leading a free educational webinar focused on how businesses can deploy AI-powered customer service agents in less than a month with an eye towards significant service cost reduction and CSAT improvement in 90 days.

Moving forward, we’ll explore:

  • The main ideas that will be covered in the webinar
  • Why this information is powerful and relevant right now
  • How you can join the learning session

The Fast Track to AI Customer Service

The upcoming learning session will focus on how businesses can deploy AI customer service agents (or “chatbots”) to unlock gains like:

  • Managing 40% of customer interactions via AI
  • Processing those interactions at 50% of their previous cost
  • Boosting CSAT by eliminating or greatly reducing wait times
  • Providing the customer with an intuitive, personalized-feeling experience

Instead of focusing on the theoretical power of the technology, however, we’ll look at how businesses can deploy AI at a pace and price point that works for them without sacrificing the functionality customers need to make AI investment a success.

Acceleration & Personalization: Understanding the Balance

One of the biggest difficulties when businesses begin searching for the right AI partner is that the offerings feel polar. Generally, you’re given the choice between:

  • An ultra-customized built-from-the-ground-up AI solution that’s fully integrated with your entire portfolio
  • A “lite,” no-code out-of-the-box chatbot product that delivers certain functionality immediately with no potential to grow over time

The former is expensive with a lengthy deployment timeline, and that means that, even if the potential ROI is huge, you can barely see it with a telescope. The latter, on the other hand, skimps on the core functionality you need to delight customers, setting you up for a potential backfire and failure to get a return on your investment.

On October 22, we’ll reveal how businesses can get the best of both worlds to guarantee they have the functionality and integration they need while still getting to market and ROI quickly.

Why Get on the Fast Track Now?

AI customer support and chatbots have been growing consistently for the past few years, but 2020 has seen a massive boost in the value and the necessity of the technology due to four specific factors: customer expectations, increasing competition, rising awareness of service costs, and COVID-19.

Customer Expectations

The modern consumer is open-minded about interacting with AI technology and impatient when it comes to long hold or resolution times. They believe accessing their accounts should be easy, direct, and achievable in a self-service fashion wherein they aren’t reliable on any other person to get the answers and results they need.

A traditional call center is no longer enough to manage those expectations with a high degree of satisfaction.


Businesses with a highly functional self-service experience are already starting to leapfrog those who do not in terms of customer satisfaction and repeat business.

In regulated industries like energy or telecommunications, increased de-regulation means that previously captive customers are now free to select their service providers. Those consumers have two priorities: cost and experience. By investing in AI, businesses can decrease their own costs and pass savings along to the customer while also modernizing their experience quickly.


In recent years, the entire business space has shifted towards being “lean,” with teams scaled perfectly to address business needs and maintain profitability. One area which has proved difficult to lean down without harming customer experience has been service and support, however.

Conversational AI technology has reached a critical mass, wherein it can now address that problem and help businesses scale down their teams to their most productive, powerful, profit-minded forms while actually strengthening customer experience and satisfaction.


COVID has challenged many of our preconceptions about the best ways of doing things. The traditional call center, a staple of business for decades, may no longer be feasible due to the importance of limiting indoor density and providing social distance.

At the same time, COVID has reinforced and worsened all of the other challenges we’ve mentioned above: consumers are feeling low and in desperate need of a great experience, controlling costs has become vitally important to survival, and those who cannot address those issues are dropping like flies in the face of competition.

AI customer service isn’t just a way to navigate these challenges; it’s an answer to the overarching business challenge of our time: How do we harness machines to do business in a more human way?

Join Us to Learn More

If you want to unlock customer service savings at your business, modernize customer experience in a rapid, satisfying manner, or simply learn more about how businesses can be smart about AI investment, be sure to join us on October 22 for The Fast Track to AI Customer Service.

We’ll be filling in more details on everything we discussed above and showing how any business can deploy an AI customer service desk in less than a month!