Oracle Highlights Innovative Chatbot Functionality from Sofbang

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Sofbang has been a proud Oracle partner since 2008. Over the last 12 years, we’ve done some of our best and most impactful work extending, connecting, and automating the Oracle stack, winning multiple Oracle Excellence Awards along the way.

Over the last few years, chatbot AI has become one of our core areas of focus. Our chatbot solutions help businesses optimize their customer support investments and provide a wealth of data that can inform and improve marketing efforts, user experience, and overall operations.

Recently, while working with a major Oracle client, Sofbang was able to help innovate new chatbot functionality to simplify recognition of user intent and provide website visitors with navigational and functional support more quickly.

By adding a visual dropdown menu that allowed users to identify their main purpose for interacting with the bot at the beginning of their conversation, Sofbang was able to significantly streamline the number of steps it took the bot to recognize intent and connect users with what they need.

To get the full story and learn more about how Sofbang is continuing to innovate on the Oracle platform, visit the Oracle blog here and download the PDF!

At Sofbang, transforming customers to serve a higher purpose is one of Our Core Values. We’re focused on continuing to build new value during these uncertain times and are thankful to be working with transformative, forward-thinking partners like Oracle.