Elevating the Customer Experience

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Key Highlights Industry Aviation, Charter Travel, Asset Management Goals
  • Extend the Oracle ERP Cloud experience to pool and centralize data points and functionality
  • Create a customer portal that maximizes data access and provides granular documentation
  • Build transparency for customers without sacrificing data security or privacy
“Every customer who has seen this customer portal is absolutely in love with it because… they can download their attachments for audit reasons, tax reasons, whatever is the case, and all of this is secure we don’t communicate with our customers from a sensitive information perspective through emails anymore. Kudos to Sofbang for making our implementation a success. I couldn’t be happier with Sofbang” – Mandar Pendse, CIO Solairus Overview Private aviation services company Solairus is a mid-sizeorganization positioned in the top three of an industry that serves the country’s wealthiest clientele. Solairus’ business model, which requires jet-owning customers to maintain a specific bank account through which the company directly withdraws funds to cover expenses, pay pilots and crew members, and maintain the fleet, requires absolute transparency to win and maintain customer trust. Solairus knew they had the data in the components of Oracle ERP Cloud to help customers understand where their money was going, but they didn’t have a way to bring such a wide variety of numbers and pieces of information together to tell an easy-to-understand data story. Looking to extend their Oracle ERP Cloud experience to integrate and centralize data access on the backend while creating a more powerful customer-facing interface, Solairus partnered with Sofbang to build a bespoke Oracle-powered system that would bridge gaps in software and user experience to deliver a win for Solairus and their exclusive clientele. Business Challenges
  • Integrating and connecting data from various ERP components
  • Generating itemized, accurate reports and asset management narratives
  • Building a fully-transparent customer experience
  • Creating a powerful booking, scheduling, and payment portal
  • Protecting the personal and financial information contained in customer accounts
Sofbang Solution Sofbang applied its award-winning agile Steel Thread methodology alongside their PaaS4SaaS Business Accelerator to identify a logical starting point and deliver core integration and functionality to Solairus as soon as possible. Once that initial framework was deployed, Sofbang and Solairus worked together through testing and brainstorming to identify further opportunities for data integration and extended functionality. In this way, new “threads” or layers were built on top of and woven around the platform created by the PaaS4SaaS accelerator for an end-to-end Customer Portal experience. This methodology ensured that Solairus achieved all of their data, customer experience, and security goals in a timely and cost-effective manner. “Without any investment in a data center, we put together a product that has turned our finance function into a marketing and business development tool.” – Mark Dennen, CFO Solarius Aviation Customer Impact
  • Extended and integrated the functionality of their cloud-based ERP to maximize insights and simplify reporting
  • Created a highly-visual customer portal that provides full transparency for financial transactions and simplifies scheduling, payment, and documentation
  • Limited customer data to a need-to-know basis, improving overall security
  • Migrated away from email for customer communication, protecting personal information and data
  • Increased productivity and efficiency for employees by providing faster, more focused data access
  • Reduced service costs by eliminating duplication of effort through ERP integration
  • Oracle Cloud Platform
  • Oracle ERP Cloud
  • Oracle Content & Experience Cloud
  • Oracle Database Cloud Service
  • Oracle Integration Cloud Service
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