BlockLock: A Blockchain Solution for Supply Chain

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WESTMONT, ILLINOIS; March 15, 2019 – Sofbang is excited to announce BlockLock a Blockchain Solution for Supply Chain now available on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.  BlockLock from Sofbang is designed to allow enterprise customers to accelerate the path to Blockchain benefits. BlockLock is focused on improving the supply chain process for manufacturers and works with the Oracle Blockchain Platform (OBP) which leverages Hyperledger Fabric.

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BlockLock is a fully developed solution that empowers suppliers, clients, and business partners to create, negotiate and sign contracts, make and fulfill orders, track shipments, complete transactions and trace components through the supply chain using a single software interface.

The real power of BlockLock is that it takes cutting-edge blockchain technology and makes it accessible for everyday professionals. Using a straightforward user interface, BlockLock makes blockchain transactions as simple as shopping on an app.

If you’re looking to streamline your organization, build genuine 21st-century partnerships, and harness the growing power of blockchain, BlockLock by Sofbang is the ideal solution for you.

Smart Contract Toolkit and Supply Chain map are the two major areas in which Sofbang’s BlockLock solution enables blockchain success.

BlockLock also includes an interface to Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) and other analytics platforms which makes it possible to analyze the Supply Chain map using OAC. Questions can be answered like:

  • Show me all vendors who are purchasing steel. Give me volume, location and other relevant information.
  • Show me any vendor making or purchasing products in Somalia.
  • Show me any vendor who could be vulnerable to a Tsunami on the east coast of Vietnam.
  • Show me the full chain of vendors involved in making a particular assembly

Sofbang’s BlockLock Solution Features:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Extensible set of common contract elements
  • Cloud Migration Strategy
  • Semantic version for reference and replication
  • Tracking and reporting
  • Provenance


About Sofbang, LLC

Founded in 2000, Sofbang is a leading system integrator, providing impactful and innovative solutions in the Integration, PaaS4SaaS, Mobile, AI, DevOps and Blockchain areas of focus. Sofbang creates, extends and automates agile solutions leveraging Oracle, Salesforce and MuleSoft technologies to accelerate business value and stretch the limits of what’s possible.

Our company was founded with the passion that comes from seeing clients achieve strategic success. We design solutions with Scalability, Flexibility and Extendibility in mind. We call this philosophy “Designed for Change”, based on our agile, yet unique Steel Thread methodology that’s built to grow and evolve with your organization – not a static solution that is set-in stone at rollout. Our solutions help organizations reduce costs, increase revenue, enhance user experience and improve productivity. Sofbang is headquartered in Westmont, Illinois and is minority owned.


Gayle Parker
Sofbang, LLC

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