Accelerate Your Business – With Real Time Impact in the Field

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In the past, a combination of physical time clocks, telephone applications and even manual paper-based processes were used by employee’s located offsite and by staff working different shifts for logging time or accomplishing employee self-service activities. This increased complexity has given organizations a reason to find a solution that will help improve their workflow.

With the increasing use of mobile devices and mobile applications, there has been a demand of mobile workforce openings for small and medium-sized businesses as they rely more and more on their fieldworkers to help them meet the day-to-day challenges and their customer’s ever-changing needs. Mobile Workforce Management is no longer discretional or confined to a handful of employee groups or those who work remotely, it’s expected, and all employees can benefit. For these reasons, Mobile Workforce Management (MWM) gained significant traction.

Mobile Workforce Management solutions provide some of the quickest benefits like:

  • Organizational Productivity: Mobile Workforce Management allows organizations to gain visibility of their employees’ activities and workflow by improving efficiency with clocked time entry, time spent on labor distribution, timesheet reviews, edits and submissions. It provides highly flexible scheduling engine.
  • Employee Satisfaction: Employees expect to be compensated for the hours they worked, and expect that each figure characterized on their paycheck is correct. MWM offers transparency that elevates customer satisfaction.
  • Improved Service Offerings: MWM helps improve an organizations service offering and enables easy assignments to third-party contractors to exactly where and when they’re needed. It improves the ease of collaborating with them with the use of contractor management tools and enables faster turnaround on service requests.

Considering the changing needs of organization and its employees, Sofbang created a Mobile Workforce Management solution to mobilize, dispatch and collaborate in realtime. We have utilized the top technology stack from Oracle for the development of workforce management application for creating and managing work orders and service request.

Our Mobile Workforce Management (MWFM) application provides features that address the fundamental challenges an organization faces while gaining insight of the workflow. It provides real time understanding of an employee’s day-to-day activities.

The key focus areas of application are:


The application allows an organization to create service requests for their fieldworkers, which can provide the specific details required to perform the task. In addition, the application supports inspections and allows for the delegation of assignments to the appropriate department. Once the request is generated, work orders are assigned to the employees.

The Mobile Workforce Management system capabilities incorporated in the application allows you to easily determine who the appropriate person is to assign to a job. With the aid of the tracking functionality, you can track who possesses the skills needed to accomplish the task as well as their current location in proximity to the location of the work that needs completed.

The fieldworker will be notified through push notifications and can view the specific request details as well as their additional work order requests while keeping the status of each project updated with the help of sync functionality. Fieldworkers will also have the ability to attach customer’s signatures to verify the proof of job completion.

The tracking functionality incorporated within the application displays a map view of work orders making it easy to find and track the locations.

The application provides out of the box features such as assets and inventory management that enables an organization to track which assets are being utilized for a specific work order and which are required for the completion of the task.


Once utilized, the application can be used for viewing screens and workflows for different work orders, improve reporting capabilities, and provide the following benefits to the organizations:

  1. Seamless offline capabilities
  2. Instant feedback
  3. Reduced complexity and risk
  4. Reduced operating cost
  5. Improved productivity
  6. Speed and efficiency

The Mobile Workforce Management application provides many more benefits including the visibility into the management of various short-term and long-term tasks by improving collaboration between management, operations and field workers in real-time. It meets the demand of mobilizing asset-centric or paper intensive tasks making it easy to capture oversights that could otherwise be missed. It also provides the capability of unifying processes and integrations across backend systems and providing a really simplified user experience.

The application leverages Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (MCS) and supports features like single sign-on and OAuth 2.0, push notifications for iOS and Android devices, pre-built integrations to on premise EAM and SaaS apps.

Leveraging Mobile Workforce Management application can drive new revenue opportunities through automated processes.

To learn more visit Sofbang’s Mobile Workforce Management Application and Mobility Consulting on our website.