Blockchain Benefits Accelerated

BlockLock, the New Barrier-Breaking Blockchain Solution

Why BlockLock?

BlockLock overcomes the challenges of blockchain implementation; complex technology and provisioning, and legal barriers. BlockLock gives you the support you need to hit the ground running. We provide simplified provisioning, unique contract creation and negotiation tools, component-level traceability, and more, all with an easy-to-use interface that requires no existing IT expertise.

Benefits of BlockLock?

BlockLock simplifies every step in the supply chain process:

  • Provisions all the companies in your supply chain on Blockchain
  • Contract creation and negotiation through a simple GUI interface
  • Real-time order tracking at all stages from order placement to acceptance
  • Component Traceability – Find the origin of every part of every product

BlockLock contains valuable HyperLedger components, including:

  • Endorsement policy to validate the legality of a transaction
  • Consensus Mechanism for verification of transactions
  • Immutability for tracking and traceability

Full integration with your company’s ERP system

  • SaaS-based solution designed to accelerate the benefits of blockchain technology.
  • Works with the Oracle Autonomous Blockchain Cloud Service (OABCS).
  • Works with Sofbang’s CLM solution
  • Interface to Oracle EBS

As an award-winning Oracle solution provider, Sofbang brings almost two decades of experience helping businesses grow, diversify, and discover better ways of doing business. With BlockLock, we’re excited to introduce customers to the new and improved supply chain with the safety and reliability of Oracle.