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What can Sofbang Infrastructure Automation do?

We specialize in helping businesses migrate toward the cloud in thoughtful, powerful ways that improve business capabilities and create new opportunities for efficiency, automation, and profit. Our IaaS and PaaS expertise means Sofbang knows how to turn the cloud into a vibrant, powerful place for business.

Use Cloud Migration as an Automation Opportunity
  • Automated code-checking, self-monitoring, and self-healing
  • Eliminate errors, redundancies, and inefficiencies
  • Enable seamless script replication
Eliminate On-Prem Management & Data Center Costs
  • Embrace modern cloud computing
  • Reduce IT costs while improving operations
  • Get the best of both approaches with none of the drawbacks
Leverage Emerging AI Best Practices
  • Streamline workloads & infrastructure
  • Improve data integrity and security
  • Enable seamless script replication
A track record of success

Sofbang leverages tools including…

How Sofbang Approaches Infrastructure Automation

Step 1
Opportunity-Based Discovery & Scoping
  • DevOps Maturity Assessment
  • DevOps Maturity Readout
  • Modernization roadmap creation
Step 2
Framework, Design & Architecture
  • Addressing identified areas of need/opportunity
  • Scripting delivery processes
  • Building automated self-checking & monitoring systems
Step 3
Agile, Accelerated Implementation
  • Get ROI-driving automation fast
  • Extensive onboarding for your team
  • Training for new mindsets & workflows
Step 4
Ongoing Built-for-Change Support
  • Learn how automation will affect your day-to-day
  • Uncover new opportunities for automation over time
  • Create more opportunities for strategic IT

Featured eBook: Embracing Agile & Transformative DevOps

Uncorking Your Development Bottleneck with DevOps

Your development and operations teams share the responsibility of ensuring the end users of the software you’re releasing have a great experience. Developers need to create a great system; operations professionals need to understand that software from the inside out and maintain a strong eye and ear for potential issues.

Bringing those teams together in a way that increases accountability while clarifying the work requires a comprehensive, dedicated DevOps strategy. The potential value is huge, but the path to getting there can seem complex or confusing.

Our DevOps eBook is specifically designed to clarify the value of the DevOps approach, demonstrate the potential ROI, and illustrate how Sofbang can help you take the next step.

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What Clients Say

"Sofbang has helped us save costs and significantly improve productivity with a streamlined Fusion Middleware DevOps strategy, taking infrastructure automation and management down to minutes instead of days, weeks and even months.”
Tim Murnane, Director of IT

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