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Evolution of Sales Management System


The City of Chicago Office of the City Clerk contracted Sofbang to perform application development for their sale of vehicle stickers and parking passes. The project started as migration from a mainframe application to a web server based application. Each year the sales management system changed and had grown into a comprehensive sales management system.

Client Needs

The client over the years was looking for improved performance from the applications and also improved compliance from their customers. They were also looking for a reduction in their operating expenses as automated processes were put in place. Increased customer satisfaction with the purchase process was also a goal. During the annual renewal season long lines of customers waiting to purchase their stickers was common place and they wanted to reduce the wait time in the lines. During the years, compliance became a key goal making sure that inventory was managed properly and accounted for at the end of the sales year

Sofbang’s solution was to set up a robust WebLogic based application suite that could handle the peak loads for purchasing stickers during the renewal season and to allow for additional applications to be deployed as the requirements materialized. The solution also involved the use of existing city technology resources such as payment engine for online payment processing and GIS address cleansing capabilities. It also involved the use of Secretary of the State vehicle registration data to optimize the issuing of renewal notices to residents within the city. Sofbang’s approach included a ‘Can Do’ attitude that when new requests were presented, Sofbang would implement themin a timely manner and on budget.

Multiyear evolution of sales management system:
  • Year 1: Initial development for online sales and backend processing
  • Year 3: Over the counter sales, zone management, & daily parking passes sold online
  • Year 4: Inventory management, purchase process monitor, & email renewal notices
  • Year 5: Dog emblems sold online & over the counter, print on demand, and WLI to WLS migration
  • Year 7: WebLogic 8.1 to 9.2 technology migration
  • Year 8: Will-call-pickup & online upgrade
Significant ROI achieved
  • 10% increase in sticker sales
  • From no online sales to over 250,000 stickers sold online
  • Improved efficiencies resulting in reduced cost and shorter lines for purchasing stickers
  • Improved compliance with inventory tracking and customized stickers
Sofbang became trusted IT partner