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The Hospitality industry has been revolutionized by advancements in innovation and information technology. They’ve adopted cloud computing to replace their legacy IT infrastructure with cloud solutions and continually look for modern digitized technologies and solutions to improve business processes to create value proposition for customers.

Retailers are transforming their IT capabilities to evolve the marketplace through enhanced speed and flexibility, collecting and analyzing customer data, and improving business processes. These enterprises are integrating proximity marketing as a core piece of their marketing strategy.

At its core, retail and hospitality haven’t changed, but many outside influencers have. Sofbang helps the retail and hospitality industry engage their customers, enhance operations and increase profits. Mobile devices are increasingly becoming an essential part of the consumer experience. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons, NFC, and QR codes have become the latest proximity technologies on the market to provide retailers with an opportunity to engage with their customers via their smartphone.

Sofbang’s solutions offer you the opportunity to channel a perfect synergy between providing your customers a unique, personalized experience while mirroring the ease of online shopping and creating new ways to capture loyal customers; giving you a competitive advantage. The future of retail and hospitality is all about technology to strengthen consumer relationships and improve the customer experience while making the day-to-day operations easier for your company.

Sofbang’s retail and hospitality consulting gives you and your customers all that they expect and more.


  • Real-time analytics
  • Customer activity based on intelligent data
  • Manage marketing strategy and store productivity
  • Integrate to backend apps

Solution Features

  • Proximity Based Mobility
  • View personalized offers
  • Send/receive push notifications
  • Create/manage loyalty preferences
  • Micro-location targeted messaging