“With Sofbang, we were able to modernize and streamline our approach to accounts payable in a way that significantly sped up day-to-day operations while also improving data integrity. Now we can pay our suppliers and contractors faster than ever while also creating transaction records we know are free from human error.”

Krishnan Ramesh,
Senior Director Financial and HCM Enterprise Applications

Gaming industry giant Caesars Entertainment operates more than 42 casinos and resorts in North America primarily under the Caesars®, Harrah’s® and Horseshoe® brand names. Their unique entertainment model relies on bringing in an incredible variety of performers and artists while also providing the finest dining and great atmosphere with high-end accommodations.

Maintaining a business that large, complex, and in a 24-hour operational capacity means reliance upon accounts payable to satisfy financial obligations and maintain relationships with contractors of all kinds, from stage magicians to caterers and repair technicians. Until recently, many of those financial records were managed using Excel spreadsheets, leading to documentation errors, a tremendous amount of tedious manual data entry, and the potential for vendor payments to fall through the cracks.

Looking to embrace a more modern way of doing business, Caesars Entertainment decided to leverage the Oracle ERP Cloud. To get the integration and functionality required to do business better and more efficiently, Caesars Entertainment partnered with Sofbang to create a user-friendly accounts payable portal that eliminated repeat documentation, reduced human error, and increased productivity by accelerating workflows.

Business Challenges

  • Managing and paying a wide variety of different fees and expenses (vendor fees, entertainer fees, contractor fees, etc.)
  • Operating within a carefully regulated industry where accurate documentation is crucial
  • Compiling and combining data from a variety of sources to get a full-picture view of business

Leveraging their Steel Thread Methodology and deployment-ready PaaS4SaaS Business Extension Accelerator, Sofbang created a highly-visual user interface that extends Oracle ERP Cloud to bring all relevant AP data together in a single source of truth.

Caesars Entertainment’s bespoke PaaS4SaaS solution eliminated the need for accounts payable professionals to click between windows or tabs, providing all relevant vendor and account history, invoices, and current or outstanding payments in simplified, sortable views.

Sofbang’s PaaS4SaaS ERP extension delivered tremendous ROI for Caesars Entertainment, streamlining individual AP processes 50-60% overall and eliminating the culture of dependency and resulting wastage of time/ manual intervention between AP and IT. With this future-facing solution in place, Caesars Entertainment is poised to continue growing their gaming empire without fear of a breakdown or bottleneck in accounts payable.

  • Empowered accounts payable team to do all work through a single interface
  • Improved efficiency of daily business activities 50-60% by significantly reducing IT dependencies
  • Automated tedious/repetitive manual processes, streamlining workflows and saving valuable human work hours
  • Cut down development, testing, and production man hours 30-40% for IT professionals
  • Reduced overall IT costs while increasing IT productivity by embracing a system that requires much less low-level support and is easier to maintain

“Sofbang has significantly improved our ability to use time efficiently and prevent dropped threads in the accounts payable department. We’ve eliminated the need for all repeat documentation and provided our AP professionals with a single toolkit, so the errors and inconsistencies created by managing multiple windows, applications, or tabs are a thing of the past!”

Krishnan Ramesh,
Senior Director Financial and HCM Enterprise Applications

Improving your AP Process Today

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