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Mobile Workforce Management (MWFM) provides the ability to mobilize, dispatch and collaborate in real time. With the help of top technology stack from Oracle (i.e., Oracle MCS, MBaaS) for backend integrations, API management, connectors, storage & analytics MWFM helps to create and manage work orders and service request. It leverages Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (MCS) for enterprise-grade security, user authentication and sending real-time task related push notifications to mobile workers. With location services, a 360-degree view of employee and contextual work order location are available.

The app enables businesses to mobilize service requests, work orders, routing, booking labor, inventory, inspections management and much more; leveraging a cross-platform and mobile development platform.

The mobile workforce management application strengthens communication between disseminators and mobile workers, improving field operations control and delivering services faster and more efficiently. It provides the features that address the fundamental challenges organizations need while gaining insight into the organizations workflow. MWFM provides a real-time understanding of an employee’s day-to-day activities.

The application allows an organization to create service requests for their field workers specifying details required to perform the task. In addition, the application supports inspections and delegation of assignments to the appropriate employees. Once the request is generated, work orders are assigned to the employees. Moreover, the automation of process eliminates the paper-based process.

MWFM meets the demand of mobilizing asset-centric or paper-intensive tasks making it easy to capture oversights that could otherwise be missed and provides the capability of unifying processes and integrations across backend systems providing a simplified user experience.

With the aid of the tracking functionality, the organization can track who possesses the skills needed to accomplish the task as well as their location in proximity to the location of the work. The feature of the application displays a map view of work orders making it easy to find and track the location of the employees. It also allows employees to keep the status of each project updated with the help of sync functionality. The application can be used for viewing screens and workflows for different work orders, improving reporting capabilities.

Sofbang’s expertise and industry knowledge bring innovative and cutting-edge technology to help power and utility companies face the challenges that are transforming the landscape: consumers, technology, regulatory and market forces.

Sofbang delivers proven software applications that help the power and utility companies enhance the customer experience and provide a competitive advantage.

Our solutions integrate industry-specific customer care and billing, network management, work and asset management, and mobile workforce management, with capabilities of industry-leading enterprise applications, business intelligence tools, middleware, database technologies, as well as servers and storage. Sofbang’s solutions enable the ability to adapt more nimbly to market deregulation, meet ever-evolving customer demands and deliver on environmental conservation commitments.

Founded in 2000, Sofbang is an Oracle Platinum Partner providing Oracle Fusion Middleware, Mobile and Cloud solutions to clients in the Public, Education and utility sectors, as well as the growing enterprise and mid-market commercial space. Our solutions help organizations reduce costs, increase revenue, enhance the end-customer experience, promoting and improving productivity.

Sofbang has received multiple awards for developing innovative solutions and delivering outstanding value, we’ve also been awarded the prestigious 2015 North America Oracle Excellence Specialized Partner of the Year award for our Mobility Solution. Sofbang has mastered the art of simplifying enterprise mobility by providing an easy-to-use platform, security, analytics, toolsets and applications for a robust mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) solution using the Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (MCS).

Mobile Workforce Management is a cloud-based solution that leverages Oracle Platform as a Service.

MWFM offers the following:

  • Flexibility to meet the ever-changing needs of organizations
  • Scales out the workload fluctuations
  • Reduces applications time to market
  • Reduces cost
  • Increases efficiency
  • Provides more value in the long run

The solution is scalable, robust, secure and, provides seamless integration with existing systems and other cloud services.


  • Service Request Management
  • Work Order Management
  • Inspections Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Geocode/Routing Assignment
  • Booking Labor & Time Tracking
  • Checklists & Tasks Mgmt.
  • GPS & Camera Integration