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ERP Modernizationand Optimization


Walsh Construction Company is a Chicago-based general contracting, construction management, and design-build firm. Walsh is recognized as the largest construction firm in Chicago according to Crain’s Chicago Business. Sofbang helped Walsh with an entire ERP modernization and optimization initiative, loweringoperationalcosts and enhancing productivity.

Client Needs

Walsh was in the midst of upgrading their ERP, which also required an Oracle application infrastructure migration. Sofbang helped Walsh migrate their ERP from Oracle iASto Oracle WebLogic11g.

Walsh faced some of the following challenges:

Short Timeline: An aggressive up-grade timeline, due to the ERP software’s end of life

Globalization: Impending higher domestic and global usage

Optimization requirements tomaxi-mizetheir ERP investments

Scalability requirements to utilizethe full potential of the application infrastructure

Need to Capture vital operationalmetrics and performance analytics

Critical Security: Security require-ments to solve knownperformance, security & scalability issues withrespect to database, middleware, infrastructure, single sign-onand password synchronization.

Sofbang used its Application Planning and Migration Methodology(APMM), asa service that aimed to uncover all the complexities involved with theERP upgrade and application migration. 

Our approach was to work with Walsh through these challenges and comeup with a solution that works and is scalable for future growth. 

With our analysisand conclusive recommendations, Sofbang was ableto implement and enforce optimized application behavior, both froman application performance standpoint as well as an infrastructure perspective, including enhanced load balancing and streamlined SSL communications. 

Execution of our methodology ensured that we took into account an anticipation of the potential, unforeseen issues ahead of time. Sofbang was able to correctunwanted application behaviorand establish appropriate monitors in placeto proactivelyhandle them. 

Sofbang’s migration methodology helpedWalsh successfully migrate their ERP application environment to a more stable, scalableand optimized application architecture.

The MetraNet application was customized for use by the airport and implemented in a hosted system. Sofbang participated in the development of the interface between the hosted MetraNet application and the client Oracle AR financial system. Because of Sofbang’s ability to bridge the gap between business and technology, the client comptroller requested that Sofbang serve as their technical interface to MetraTech during the implementation process.
The following benefits were realized by the project:

  • Lower Operational Costs:The newly upgraded ERP has resulted in improved performance and application stability
  • Quicker Response: Reporting tasks, response times have improved with clear visibility and detailed analytics
  • Enhanced Productivity: With improved application stability, Walsh can now focus on enhanceduser functionality, rather than operational costs
  • Preparedness & Analysis: The proactive monitoringput in place by our team has helpedWalsh identify and quickly prevent larger problems and application behavior issues
  • Successful Completion: Sofbang helped Walsh migratesuccessfully on-time & in budget
  • Sofbang helped Walsh build a robust application platform that can be used today, as well as into the future, as business needs change over time.
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