Chatbot FAQ Starter Kit

Addressing the Challenges of COVID-19

Sofbang Wants to Help You Communicate Important Information 24x7

We are not in normal times and the need to share important information with customers, patients, employees and others has never been more critical.

Sofbang would like to provide your organization with an FAQ chatbot at no cost as our contribution to the fight against COVID-19. Operationally, your employees and departments are likely stretched thin as they deal with the implications of the pandemic. A chatbot is available 24×7 to provide consistent and approved answers to FAQs on your website for those outside the organization or on an internal network site for your employees. In a matter of days, Sofbang can have this communication tool up and running.

Try Our Chatbot

Click here to test drive a chatbot populated with sample FAQ answers regarding COVID-19. A more robust answer set can be deployed in your chatbot.

Please contact us to discuss how Sofbang can help you with the complimentary installation of a Chatbot FAQ Starter Kit. You may do so by submitting an inquiry here or emailing us at We will respond promptly.

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