How Sofbang is Supporting COVID-19 Crisis Response Efforts

Sofbang providing complimentary connectivity, chatbot and automation services

COVID-19 is impacting every aspect of our personal and business lives. Here at Sofbang we are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our employees, their families and communities while also providing our customers and partners with the support they need. We would also like to help your organization respond to the challenges of this unprecedented time by sharing our IT and business optimization expertise.

We would like to provide you with the following Sofbang offerings free of charge to help you keep your employees safe and your customers supported.

Virtual Connectivity

Sofbang will provide an assessment of your situation plus a playbook that includes best practices on elastically scaling your infrastructure, collaboration tools and security

Chatbot FAQ Starter Kit

Sofbang will quickly provide this capability enabling customers and employees to get critical company and COVID-19 information 24x7, without straining your customer service and other response teams. A standard set of FAQ’s can be deployed in just a few days that is accessible on any channel (Web, Mobile, Alexa, Google, Siri, etc.).


Sofbang will perform an assessment of opportunities where automation through DevOps or Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can provide relief to repetitive, manual tasks and reduce reliance on already stretched employee resources. We can also provide templates to track the level of automation necessary to provide a targeted ROI.

Sofbang was founded on the core values of transforming customers, helping by giving back, serving for a higher purpose, building trust and demonstrating humility.

In a community, every member has an expertise and capability that it contributes. In this unprecedented time, Sofbang is pleased to contribute its skills and knowledge to you during this challenging time.


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