Sofbang Accelerating Chatbots in the Utility Industry

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“Conversational AI-first will supersede “cloud-first, mobile-first” as the most important, high-level imperative for the next 10 years”
- Gartner


Chatbots are gaining momentum in the utility industry; from huge corporations to SMB’s chatbots can assist organizations with automating services that until now required headcount. With Chatbot automation, organizations are now running services 24/7 while reducing human error.

The utility sector is predicted to see AI implementations in almost the entire operating contrivance, reducing costs and increasing efficiency and optimization. Utilities will be able to offer products as a service helping to achieve product autonomy.

Forrester reports, 57% of companies are already using Enterprise Chatbots or have plans to implement Chatbots this year. Estimation is that chatbots will explode the global market with over US$1.9 billion by 2020.

According to U.S. Department of labor, half of the utility workforce will retire in the next 10 years making way for AI to establish itself, creating newer job roles for younger employees and automating processes. AI & Chatbot capabilities will help the utility sector spearhead the global revenue stream.

A large utility customer of Sofbang was looking for a solution that would become one of the mediums for customers to interact with their support and service teams. Our customer expressed the need for the solution to reduce high call center cost and handle multiple acquisitions with proprietary systems for billing, outage monitoring and reporting.

With the focus on innovating business processes and the use of new technology, Sofbang implemented a Chatbot to service customer queries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to improve productivity and efficiency. Sofbang leveraged the Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise to develop an intelligent bot for our customer and its affiliates that automates routine processes and easily integrates with existing enterprise and other modern applications. The bot recognizes the keyword and phrases in questions entered by the user in natural language and returns the most appropriate answer. The bot was configured for channels such as; Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Facebook Messenger using OBCS and connected to existing systems using MCS.
  • The bot automates the conversations and talks to multiple customers at the same time.
  • One-time investment in Chatbots reduce the cost of hiring staff for customer engagements.
  • Led to Chatbot presence on platforms such as; Alexa, Facebook etc.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction by 10%
  • Reduced Cost of Customer Service by 18%
  • Multiple-Channel Presence
  • Insight to end-user adoption




Business Needs

  • 1.4 Billion people use messaging apps
  • 63% of people would consider using a chatbot to communicate with a business brand

Forrester report

Companies are already using Enterprise Chatbots